Thursday, November 4, 2010

Atlantic Ocean's waters reversed direction

I love this story , at what point are all the skeptics going to realize that the earth is changing rapidly. You can call me a nut job , environmental fanatic , a tree hugger or whatever but how many different examples of climate change do you need to see.

The change in water flow is critical in how the world's climate works. Even scientist were debating whether or not the water had actually reversed until recently. With new evidence from deep off the coast of Africa soil samples have conclusively proven that the Atlantic has in fact reversed direction back to the same direction of the last ice age. I guess things are all not that bad, the last time this happened was 20,000 years ago when the world was covered with ice sheets that were over a mile thick.

This article also ties in to my last post about renewable energy how we have to move away from fossil fuels. When are the people in charge no longer going to allow greed to influence their decisions on the environment. Isn't that what it really comes down to? Who in their right mind would actually want to ruin the environment if their was a lot of money to be made with saving it?

Yahoo / - Atlantic Ocean's waters reversed direction

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great News - U.S. wind power post slowest quarter since 2007

Boy am I glad that those stimulus dollars are taking America into the future with renewable energy. Oh wait , whats this from U.S. wind power had it's slowest quarter of growth since 2007. Yes you did just read that right and I have the link at the bottom of this post for you to read.

I thought we just passed a stimulus bill which had funds to create jobs in the renewable energy sector? Where are the jobs? Where is the stimulus? This is the perfect time in our history to take advantage of this horrible economic situation our country is in. The government is throwing money at everything in order to create jobs but we are still at almost 10% unemployment. Out of all sectors to be slowing down, Renewable energy? Wind Power? If anything you would think that all the jobs are being created in those sectors and that would be the hottest place to get a job right now.

Never mind remaining a super power we will be lucky if we don't fall further behind over the next 10 years. China is leading the way in wind power and other renewable energy, now if they can do it why can't we? We have to create jobs and stop using fossil fuels right now. It just seems like we are throwing a great opportunity away to make important changes we need to make. We have to make sacrifices and get our country focused on the future and remain relevant in the world or we are going to fall further behind. - U.S. wind power posts slowest quarter since 2007
Ny Times - Chinese Super Computer is now fastest in the world passing the U.S.