Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tiger Woods Needs Sex Rehab * Breaking News

It is being reported I have the link below that Tiger Woods is in Arizona and allegedly has checked himself into a Sex Rehab. I thought it was every mans dream to play golf all day , be a billionaire and have women throw themselves at you. Who new ...

You think Tiger really has a problem? lol Or is he just trying to get his wife back?

Tiger Woods Sex Rehab Link

Has Al Qaeda put us in check mate?

It seems that their has been an up tick in attempted attacks by Al Qaeda against the American home land. With in the last four months we have had the Fort Hood Incident before that we had the Bombing plot in New York almost carried out by Najibullah Zazi. Najibullah Zazi is the 24 year old man from Colorado with links to Al Qaeda who had planed to bomb Grand Central Station. I hate to say it and I pray it never happens again but Al Qaeda has not stopped and the attempts are coming faster and faster. Has Al Qaeda backed us into a corner that we can't get out of? When you break it down to it's simplest form on 9/11 a group of men boarded planes and flew them into buildings as acts of war. Almost ten years later how is it possible for a person that is on a watch list who was denied a Visa from Britan, can pass threw multiple security layers and can still board a plane with NO LUGGAGE? Seriously, how after all the new agencies , after breaking down the bureaucracy so we can connect the dots better, after all the security upgrades, updates, has anything really changed in the last eight years? Is the next step to profile and and forget about being politically correct and hurting feelings or should we stop flying altogether? If Al Qaeda takes down a plane what do you think will happen, everyone will be pointing fingers. This terrorist was from Nigeria bought his ticket cash , had no luggage , was on a terrorist watch list and his father called our embassy to tell us about him. Do you think we should of profiled this guy just a little bit, I really don't think with the facts that I just stated anyone would of objected to a little profiling especially the people on that flight. So do we have to profile , do we have to stop flying, has Al Qaeda pushed us to the point where we have to question our rights as citizens in order to remain safe?
Najibullah Zazi Terrorist  from Colorado Link

Monday, December 28, 2009

POLITICO Arena: Sherrilyn Ifill's response to '1)Flight 253: Do you agree with Janet Napolitano that "the system worked."2)Iran protest killings: Should the president be speaking out forcefully?'

POLITICO Arena: Sherrilyn Ifill's response to '1)Flight 253: Do you agree with Janet Napolitano that "the system worked."2)Iran protest killings: Should the president be speaking out forcefully?'

Now you have to take off your shoes and Underwear when boarding a plane?

Example after example after example, is it just a matter of time before we get hit again? First it was Richard Reid trying to take down a plane over Christmas Holiday a few years ago and now in another attempt Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from Nigeria has also attempted to bring down a plane flying into Detroit Michigan. How is it possible that this new attempt almost became a reality? It is almost ten years since 9/11 and we would of had at least two downed planes since then if it were not for faulty fuses. In the latest attempt the suspect actually sewed the explosives into his under pants, is the TSA going to strip search us now? It is obvious that Al Qaeda will never stop trying to take down our democracy and our way of living as long as their still around. The suspect in the latest incident was actually on watch list, his father called the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria to tell them about his sons radical thoughts and beliefs. It is very logical to think if you keep trying and refining your attempts to do something eventually it will happen, so what can we do to prevent another terrorist attack on board a plane? It is hard enough to keep security tight over here in America how can we ensure that other governments are doing their job which would of prevented this man from even boarding a plane altogether. Should we just reside in the fact that something is going to happen and just live with it ? Please leave your comments I respond back to all.

Associated Press Link - Al Qaeda we did it?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Charlie Sheen In Jail on Christmas

One thing you cannot say about Charlie Sheen is that he doesn't keep it real. Charlie managed to get arrested for Domestic Violence before 9am central time in Colorado. Obviously he has a problem if on all days he can't hold back his temper, want to talk about embarrassing. You got to see his Mug shot it is a real  winnner.

Check out the Link for all the details

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Ed Hanway. Congratulations on a job well done Ed

Wow you thought the boys on wall street were out of touch, wait until you get a load of this. Ed Hanway The CEO of Cigna Health insurance is getting a nice little retirement package just in time for the holidays. You can really tell the health insurance industry must be very scared about profits with the new health care bill coming out of Congress. Cigna was only able to provide Ed Hanway with a 73 million dollar retirement package , wow poor baby. The best part is Ed Hanway was CEO of Cigna during a outrageous case where Cigna denied a teenage girl a Liver transplant and subsequently the girl passed away because of it. I guess Ed is getting rewarded for denying transplants and saving money for Cigna. Read the entire story with the link below leave your comments I respond back to all.

Ed Hanway Link Written By Jason Rosenbaum

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KoKo Bird of the day: Should Roland Burris even be considered Normal? What a embarrassment...

After the way Roland Burris paid for his, oops I mean was appointed to his senate seat you would think he would lay low for a while. No, you would be wrong once again if you thought logically. Roland Burris is not only staying in the lime light but he has found a new way to contribute to our great democracy. He now is singing Christmas songs on the Senate floor making fun of the Republicans. Mr. Burris is a Senator from Illinois and  Illinois deserves a lot better then him. Do you think at any point Burris might of said to himself , maybe this is not a good idea? From watching the video it seems that he thought his behavior was amusing. Leave your comments I will respond back to everyone what do you think of this Clown, is he embarrassing?

Roland Burris Christmas Song On Senate Floor.

Our troops in Iraq are getting an early gift this year from General Anthony Cucolo. They are gettinng a Beautiful Court Martial.

A new order has come from General Anthony Cucolo directed at the 22,000 U.S. troops that are stationed in northern Iraq. The order states that if you get pregnant or impregnate another fellow U.S. soldier, you can be subject to a Court Martial. General Cucolo said that he needs all his troops in the field and cannot afford to lose any. I agree I think the decision makes sense but I also understand that a court martial is a little extreme. What do you think leave your comments I respond back to all.

General Cucolo's Link with Video from Cnn by Barbara Starr

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Health Care bill is getting closer to becoming reality. The health insurance industry can't wait for this cash cow to pass.

What are we getting for our tax dollars with this health care Bill. Yesterday on "Meet the Press" Joe Scarborough really brought up a lot of good points that we should be aware of. According to Joe the biggest winner for the health care bill is going to be the Health care industry itself.
Below is a list of what we are not getting in the Health Care Bill

Still not allowed to cross state lines to shop for Health insurance
Still not allowed to shop for Prescriptions drugs in Canada
Absolutely nothing done with Tort reform
No Public Option
You will not be denied Health insurance due to a pre existing condition but you will pay more for it, up to 30% more then a person with out the condition. Reform?

It seems like we did not get a lot for a year of negotiations. I think they could of provided health care to thirty million Americans with out going threw this entire process. Where is all the competition to bring down the cost of health care for those who have it already? If you are fortunate and already have health insurance, you get to keep it and pay higher taxes for it, sounds good right? The biggest winners are going to be the health insurance companies and health care providers. Many Health insurance companies hit 52 week highs on Friday. I don't think they are to concerned about the passage of this health care bill. Did we get the shaft or is this real reform? You have to look at the "Meet the Press" video and leave your comments I will respond back to all.

Friday, December 18, 2009

This is a throw back KoKo Bird moment. If you have had a bad day and you need a lift me up you have to watch this video.

 Howard Dean is the man that is saying  we should scrap health care altogether if it does not include a public option. No matter how long it has been  since you have seen Howard Dean's  break down on the campaign trail, it will always make you laugh and feel good. So in Honor of Howard Dean he is our throw back "KoKo Bird" of the day

Howard Dean Screaming Video / Do yourself a favor and have a quick laugh I promiss

Thursday, December 17, 2009

U.S. Military Drones being hacked by insurgents, what else? Did you know there will be about 16ok Private contractors plus regular U.S. Troops by spring?

We're barely keeping our status as the only super power in  the world with the most advanced military and technology that human kind has ever known. So, who hacked into our drones that prowl the Sky's and kill terrorists to keep our country safe? Was it Aliens, the Russians, no it must of be the Chinese, wrong again its the insurgents themselves. You know; the guys who hate technology and live in mud huts and use mules for transportation, The insurgents with a $26 gadget bought probably from a radio shack who have been able to hack into our Predator drones and now they can see what the drones can see. Is this whole Afghanistan war becoming pointless? At this point the terrorist have the same technology as we do because they see what we can see. Wasn't that the point to watch these guys secretly so we can find where they go and then get them? Maybe Osama Bin Laden is laughing in his cave watching live feeds of the drone continuously passing over his cave. The best part about this lapse in security coding for the drones is the the U.S. Military has known about this since the Bosnian war in the 1990's. If the drones situation is not bad enough the latest news now coming out is about all the Private contractors the U.S. Government has employed over in Afghanistan. There will be another 56k private contractors going over with this newest surge. The total number of private contractors will increase to about 160k. The jobs that these contractors perform include the following but not all:

Hiring teams of contractors to perform electronic monitoring of related information.

Awarding $44.8 million contract to a Florida firm that provides trained dogs to be used in hot spots near borders with Pakistan

Contracting jobs for intelligence analyst services that include ‘collecting, analyzing and providing recommendations necessary for the government to produce and disseminate intelligence products in several subject areas.’

Contracting positions ‘Defense Logistics Agency’ which would provide distribution and warehousing services for US and NATO forces in the Kandahar area

In total we will have more then 100k U.S. troop plus 160k Private contractors, we have been there for 8 years Harmid Karzai said that he needs us there another ten years at least.I am not trying to be negative here but come on already enough is enough. When the Russians were there although under a lot different circumstances they did not have 260K troops plus NATO troops , plus UN troops and world support. The problem is we are doing just as good as they did and we know how that ended. First we should be ashamed that our drones are being hacked by insurgents,with the money we spend on the military compared to other domestic programs that need it a lot more, aliens should not be able to hack our drones never mind insurgents. If insurgents are hacking our technology what are the Chinese and the Russians doing to it. I think they have a bigger budget then $26 to figure it out. In My opinion What we should do in Afghanistan is send our troops to the border get the border on lock down. Get every drone we have flying over the Pakistan border region. We need radio stations and loud speaker broad casting telling the locals about rewards and per swaying them not to protect Al qaeda and the Taliban. We need to pay these locals so now they depend on us for money not the Taliban or Al Qaeda. We have to get Pakistan as hard as it would be with their political situation to put even more pressure on the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Leave your comments below click the green comment link. also check out other links that are good to learn more on this topics.

56,000 Private Contractors Link

$26 to hack U.S. drones LInk

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Howard Dean , has he gone Rogue on The Health Care Bill?

Now that The public option is gone and every other attempted form of it is too, what should we do? Scrap health care all together, throw our hands up and say forget it, well that's what Howard Dean is saying .Was this a wasted year of debate on a health care bill that was dead from the start? Maybe we  have to look at this different, like Franklin D. Roosevelt did with "The New Deal" and "The Second New Deal". Should we get something passed no matter what it looks like and improve on it over time. Roosevelt Created the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Social Security Administration to name a few, look how those two entities have changed since their inception over Seventy years ago. Maybe we have to take it on the chin for the future of our country and be the Guinea pigs for whatever we get. The last time we had an opportunity for health care reform on this scale was with President Bill Clinton in 1993. If we don't pass anything now when will we? Maybe another ten years maybe never , lets see what we can get now and work on it over time.If the health care bill does not pass now, you can "forget about it" because it will take at least another ten years if ever. How do you feel, should we pass something anything or kill the the health care bill altogether like Howard Dean wants to? How do you view Joe Lieberman a hero or a Villon? Please leave your comments click the green comment link below.

Howard Dean Link

Franklin D. Roosevelt Wiki Link

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Say it ain't so Joe

Is this getting ridiculous, or what?! Pretty much we are back to square one and it's getting worse. No public option , no Medicare buy in at age 55 , whats next? I really feel like a little brat and saying forget it all I don't want anything. So to sum it up we wont have a "public option" , the medicare buy in , the ability to shop for insurance out of state or to buy prescription drugs in Canada. What do we get; thirty million people who are not insured will now have health insurance. That is absolutely amazing and god bless all the new people who will be able to take better care of their health and have one less thing to worry about. With that being said it took a year to make this happen; the opt in , the opt out , the trigger , the medicare buy in and for what? I'm just wondering, did anyone ask Joe how he was leaning toward or what he thought about the public option months ago. If he said no public option no matter what months ago why did we waste so much time on it? We actually could of used some of the Republicans ideas like tort reform and cross state shopping for insurance plus adding the 30 million. Leave your comments about what you think of Senator Joe Lieberman? Do you think we should kill the bill altogether or be happy with anything? Click the green comment link below to leave your comments . Also check out the links for more on Joe Lieberman.

SALON.COM By Thomas Schaller


Monday, December 14, 2009

Harry Mitchell (D) and Ron Paul (R) are the new odd couple and we need to support them now. Do your job as a citizen let your voice be heard contact your Representative today!

Harry Mitchell and Ron Paul introduced bipartisan legislation to block 2009 Congressional pay raises. As you would imagine this is not getting a lot of traction in D.C. so that's where we come in. If you want to take some action and let congress feel a little pinch do your job and contact your congressmen. Mitchell said that unemployment has risen a whopping 42% between Sept and Dec. in his state of Arizona. I guess it would be a little hard for him to take a pay raise with those numbers so why don't other members of congress feel the same way. Paul and Mitchell introduced H.R. 5087 which would block the automatic pay increase act of 2008. If you feel that congressmen should be getting this pay raise please leaver your comments and tell us why. If you don't support the increase tell us why with your comments and then contact your congressmen and let him know before its to late. Tell him you support H.R. 5087 and you don't want the pay increase. Click green Link to to leave a comment. All U.S. government links are listed at the bottom of this blog for your easy access.

Harry Mitchell And Ron Paul Link a must read Please suppurt these two Reps


What is wrong with Joe Lieberman?

Joe Lieberman is really taking his political capital to the next level with threatening again with a filibuster. He is absolutely dead set against any type of "Public Option" he does not even want to hear it. Now with a work around for the public option situation to satisfy Sen. Lieberman , Harry Reid has been working on the medicare buy in at age 55. Hold your horses because Sen. Lieberman has a problem wit that too. He said it is going to add to much additional debt to the federal deficit. The CBO is expected to say that the new approach from Sen. Reid with the medicare buy in at age 55 is going to be Deficit neutral. The reason I am upset with Sen. Lieberman is he is in the insurance industry's pocket. Although I do not think Sen. Reid is the best Negotiator, he is making efforts to appease every one's concerns. Lieberman seems to just be putting up road blocks with no solutions other then no Health care bill at all. Why would Sen Lieberman be so opposed to opening up the insurance market to bring cost down? You think it could be because the insurance companies donate large sums of money to Sen. Lieberman? Do you think because the Insurance industry is a big employer and very important to the economy of Connecticut? So what do you think is it more important for Lieberman to side with the people who give him the most money for his campaigns or our country and health care for those who cannot afford it? If health care passes without Sen. Lieberman's help I guess he can say that he didn't help the country but stayed face with his money contributors. Pretty good Joe keep up the great work your doing a great job your a real Statesmen. Leave your comments below click the green link. Check out the links with more Joe Lieberman News.

Sen Joe Lieberman Link More News

Sen Joe Lieberman Link More News From Paul Begala

Please leave your comments I respond back to all Click the green Comment Link below.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sarah Palin on Conan O'Brien show.

Watching Sarah Palin on the tonight show made me change my mind a little about her. For the first time I felt like she was being funny and I got it. She had great stage presence and looked confident saying her dialogue. I think this book tour has done a lot of help building her confidence and getting her used to the fast pace atmosphere of Washington D.C. politics. Check out the video leave a comment.

Is Houston gay about it's new gay mayor? Houston is now the largest U.S. city with a gay Mayor.

Annise Parker has become Houston Texas first gay Mayor. Ms. Parker won the majority of votes against Gene Locke a former city attorney with 53% of the vote. I am a little surprise I am not to familiar with the Houston area but I don't think they have a large gay community. Is the south changing , is this a trend or what's the real story. Is Ms. Parker just a good politician and we should treat it as that? Please leave your comments and relay any info you might know about the subject. Check out the link for some for info.

Annise Parker Houston's First Gay Mayor

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why are Pat Buchanan , Newt Gingrich and Charles Krauthammer Praising President Obama? Yea you read the head line right I have the proof too , read on. The Problem is I don't think the citizens of Afghanistan are so happy, check out the videos below.

President Obama is starting to remind me of the "Flying Wallendas" (look up Wallendas if you dont get the refrence)the way he is balancing on his political type rope. With his hands off approach to health care so not to disenfranchise anyone one part constituency he is not doing to bad keeping everyone happy enough. With his Nobel Peace prize acceptance speech he is moving back towards the middle and is making a lot of conservatives happy. Three Neo Cons Buchanan , Gingrich and Krauthammer are happy with Obama , they think his acceptance speech was very good and that Obama Displayed the U.S. in what they think is the correct light.Newt Gingrich even found hope in Obamas words , wow. Obama went to except the Peace Prize and explained how we are at war, but it is a just war and with out war and America protecting everyone their would not be any peace. Not to shabby excepting a peace prize and telling everyone why war is good and getting applause for it. Below I have some links and videos that support my references to Gingrich , Buchanan and Krauthammer liking the speech. So those three thought Obamas speech was great, I think I know of some people who did not feel the speech like those three. I don't think the Afghans are so happy with us killing their innocent citizens, you have to check out the video below. Please leave your comments on Obamas speech and what you thought of it. Click the green comment link below.

Charles Krauthammer Video:

Newt Gingrich Commets:


Pat Buchanan:

Was on Chris Matthews show and others saying that he liked the speech.

The Afghans thoughts on President Obamas Speech. I don't think they like it check out the video.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please tell me the pattern you see here.

Now I'm not a Genius as you can tell from some of my grammatical errors in my post but I think there's a clear pattern developing here. More and more home grown terrorist and more brazen sympathisers are popping up and they seem to be popping up faster and faster. I hope the G men are connecting the dots, because if the Fort Hood debacle is any indication were in trouble. Check out these links that support my claims.



Do you agree leave your comments click the green comment link below.

Do you think Chris Matthews expected the "Meet the Press" Job? Did he deserve it?

I dearly miss the late great Tim Russert he was a true Journalist , he loved his job and was very genuine. Watching "Meet the Press" with the different host at first was hard,  they knew they couldn't fill his shoes and you could see it. At first I felt a good long shot was Chuck Todd I feel he is a good reporter and keeps it non partisan like a good reporter should. I was surprised when David Gregory was chosen I didn't think he had the right demeanor and would be to soft on asking the hard questions. To me though the clear cut choice the top guy should of been Chris Matthews. After Tim Russert who is the next biggest political reporter who has been around the block and knows D.C. as well as Tim? Chris Matthews of course so what happened, how come he was not picked did they even offer it to him? I always felt like I could see it on Chris's face like he was under pressure because everyone thought he should be getting the job it would be a natural fit. But he did not get it, out of left field comes David Gregory it must of been hard for Chris at that time. I think he did expect to get the job and was very hurt. I also believe now that's why he has become a little more blatant when it comes to leaning towards the left. He does not hide his political views and opinions at all, but as a good reporter like Chris shouldn't he be more neutral? Please share your thoughts click the green comment link below.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A new Segment to the blog dedicated to all our KoKo Birds out there. Make sure to look frequently for updates.

In this post I will make fun of all Democrats , Republicans and anyone else who needs to be made aware of. Good Luck to all that make the "KoKo List"

So who made the Cut tonight?

Tonight's Winner is our very own Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch. I mean seriously Senator don't you think your going a little over board for the Jewish vote? What do you think? Leave a comment below hit the green comment Link.

Should Harry Reids new name be Harry Houdini, can he keep bringing this health care bill back from the dead?

Well I have to back track a little from some comments that I wrote last night regarding Harry Reid. Lets just say that I wasn't so flattering when describing Mr. Reid and is negotiating skills. The health care bill has had so many ups and downs that I feel like I'm on a really bad roller coaster right now. Depending on the time of day and the news channel you turn on the bill is either dead or barley alive. So whats the latest on the saga that never ends , is Olympia Snowe in or out who are the new players? Are we going to have a public option , a trigger or some new mechanism in order to give us an additional option to lower or health care cost. Sen. Lieberman who said point blank that he would not support any type of health care bill with a public option, now possibly could be coming on board. Olympia Snowe might be back on board again now that the "trigger" is back. The way the bill looks right now is that people with insurance would remain with the same coverage, if you do not have or would like to shop around for insurance you would have basically the same options and benefits as all U.S. Government employees. For those of the ages 55-64 you would be able to by into medicare as another option. The Public option is still alive but barely, it would only come into effect if it were triggered by health care cost not coming down. I have a Ny times link below for more details on the newest plan. What Harry Reid seems to have done is made everyone a little happy and addressed key republicans concerns, namely Sen. Snowe and now possibly Sen. Lieberman. So what do you think, will this bill pass by the state of the union is Harry Reid smarter then we think? Or will all these negotiations be for nothing and President Obama will be a one term President. Please leave your comments on this topic,


Click the green comment link below.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leave it up to Glen Beck. The scary thing is he thinks he is normal.

As if Glen Beck has not had enough garbage spewing out of his mouth, now he is involved in a alleged scam trying to get his listeners to buy Gold to make money on the falling U.S. dollar. Goldline International happens to advertise on Becks Tv and radio shows and he is paid to endorse the company as well. The only problem is his listeners did not know he was getting paid to tell them to buy the gold from Goldline. They thought he was just a great guy with some good advice. Wow this guy has absolutely no shame what so ever. Read the full article on yahoo. www.news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/ynews_ts1022

For all my Ron Paul fans have you read the latest article from Howard Fineman in Newsweek?

Say what you want about Ron Paul but you have to give credit to a person who stands up for what he believes despite popular opinion. This is a great article from Howard Fineman if you have not read it I suggest you do so. Thanks for the youtube feed from the "FatLibertarian". If you are a Libertarian and you love Ron Paul or not I still suggest you check out www.libertarianreport.com I also have the link in my blog roll at the bottom right of the Website.

Is Osama Bin Laden alive?

When was the last time we have had any audio or video from him? Even that does not prove anything because obviously any material could of been pre recorded. We are sending thirty thousand more troops to Afghanistan and we do not even no where Bin Laden is or if he is alive. Defensive Secretary Bob Gates just said this Sunday that he has not had any solid intelligence in a few years as to where Bin Laden is. So your telling me that they have satellites that can see your license plate number from space but they can't find Bin Laden in eight years never mind if he is even alive. I understand the terrain is very bad but come on already we are not looking at a large area no matter how bad the terrain is. It is hard to believe with human assets on the ground , drones , satellites and locals in the area and still no sign of Bin Laden not even a peep. Maybe he is dead what do you think leave your comment.

Will the health care bill pass or is President Obama going to fall on his face?

Lets face it at this point I would be feeling a little anxious if I were the President. The end of the year is three weeks away then will come the state of the union, time is running out fast like sand in an hour glass. With his almost hands off approach to help pass this health care bill he is relying on Harry Reid to carry the ball over the goal line.To be honest at this point it looks like we are at the fifty yard line with a minute left in the game. It seems like we were moving slow and steady and now hit a lot of congestion. The problem with this health care Bus is once it stops it does not start again. I'm glad that the process has taken this long it is the way the best possible legislation comes out of congress.I would love to see some of the ideas from Republican Senator Olympia Snowe incorporated into the bill. I personally would prefer the public option but if we need the bill to pass with a trigger then so be it. If Health care does not pass Obama is going to have more problems then the economy , Afghanistan , Iraq ,terrorism and Jobs. Lol wow poor guy.