Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KoKo Bird of the day: Should Roland Burris even be considered Normal? What a embarrassment...

After the way Roland Burris paid for his, oops I mean was appointed to his senate seat you would think he would lay low for a while. No, you would be wrong once again if you thought logically. Roland Burris is not only staying in the lime light but he has found a new way to contribute to our great democracy. He now is singing Christmas songs on the Senate floor making fun of the Republicans. Mr. Burris is a Senator from Illinois and  Illinois deserves a lot better then him. Do you think at any point Burris might of said to himself , maybe this is not a good idea? From watching the video it seems that he thought his behavior was amusing. Leave your comments I will respond back to everyone what do you think of this Clown, is he embarrassing?

Roland Burris Christmas Song On Senate Floor.

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