Friday, March 11, 2011

The Latest Update on the 8.9 Magnitude Earth Quake that has devastated Japan

This is the latest News and all the Updates on the 8.9 Magnitude that has hit Japan earlier Today. The Earth Quake registered 8.9 and was the 5th largest Earth Quake in recorded History. As of 5 pm Eastern time 184 souls were confirmed dead and over 700 still missing. Japanese Government officials said that the death toll will certainly rise. There have been reports of 200 to 300 bodies on the shore line near the Epicenter of the Killer Quake in the town of Sendai, Japan. Japan also had to shut down one of it's Nuclear reactors for safety concerns that the reactor was not being cooled and could cause a Melt Down if not addressed right away.

Lets all hope and pray that the people of Japan get everything they need to help them.

Ny Times - Quake and Tsunami Leaves Wake of Destruction Across Northern Japan

Ny Times - Japan Expands Evacuation Around Nuclear Plant

ABC News - California Man Swept Into the Sea By Tsunami

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is going for broke against the Feds and other important stuff like Libya

Enough about Charlie Sheen lets talk about a real Super star, Lindsay Lohan. She was in court again this morning for a chance to accept the District Attorneys plea deal for the alleged necklace she stole. Lindsay Lohan was offered 6 months in jail for the alleged felony necklace heist but she denied the offer and decided to go to trial to fight the charges. If found guilty she will also be in violation of her probation terms and could face more then 3 years in the BIG HOUSE.  Read the entire Update right here from E Online !

The next country in the Middle East that I am worried about is Saudi Arabia. When the citizens of Saudi Arabia start uprising then all bets are off and the shit has hit the fan. There have been reports of the Saudi Arabian authorities stopping all protest and punishing those who are protesting severely.

All the updates on Libya and Much More : 

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Bloomberg - Qaddafi ‘Will Prevail’ Over Rebels in Long War, Clapper Says

Bloomberg - Saudi Arabian Security Forces Break Up `Day of Rage' Protest in al-Qatif

The Washington Post - White House guarded on King's Muslim hearing

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Record Deficit of $223 billion, do you really care anymore ?

Well the United States of America Broke a record last month and the final tally is still not in. In  February 2011 we had the Biggest record Federal Budget deficit in the History of the United States of America, we were short $223 billion. Yes we did it, we were able surpass 2010's record deficit of $221 billion. We are breaking records but they are going in the wrong direction, we need record surpluses do the politicians in Washington D.C. know that ?

Gas prices are soaring, interest rates are about to go higher, inflation is popping it's ugly head up and oh yea we ran a $223 billion deficit last month. I am not trying to be a wise ass here but the facts are the facts, when are we going to get that we need to make big changes and everyone is going to have to sacrifice. We are spending $2 billion a week in Afghanistan how about we start there for a quick injection of some capitol. Then we need politicians to grow some balls and tell the truth to the American public about Entitlements like Medicare and Social Security. Enough is enough lets start acting like what adults are supposed to act like and sit down make some hard choices and get our country at least in the right direction.

New American - February Set New Record for U.S. Deficit

Monday, March 7, 2011

Did Bill O'Reilly really ask the Hard questions with Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ?

When Bill O'Reilly interviewd President Obama he was criticized for what some say was talking down to the President and also asking ridiculous questions. When Bill O'Reilly  interviewed former defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld he could of  seen it as an opportunity to look more " fare and balanced " lol . A lot of commentators on both sides of the isle are saying that Bill really gave it to Rumsfeld in this interview, that  he asked the hard questions.  At one point during the interview Bill wants to know why Rumsfeld did not let the citizens of the United States know all the potential problems with a war with Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Rumsfeld just answers back that we the citizens knew everything that we had to know and that was good enough.

Is it me or does Rumsfeld seem like he is not in touch with reality ? I think people in high positions should have  psychological reviews if that's already not happening. Rumsfeld looks like a bit from "Saturday Night Live" but it's not an actor it's him playing him. Take a look at the Interview tell me what you think.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

U.S. Gas Prices Soaring Again. Is Libya to blame or are we ?

The average price for U.S. gasoline  as of Friday 3/4/11 is $3.51. The price of gasoline increased .33 cents in two weeks the second largest increase in the history of the U.S. gasoline market. The biggest increase was .38 cents and was in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and the oil refineries. According to the latest Lundberg survey this newest spike in gasoline prices is due to the unrest in Libya. The prices of gasoline have risen a staggering .82 cents since September 2010.

Hurricane Katrina , The Gulf Oil Spill , the conflicts in the Middle East  and who knows what's next. This is getting to become really old, when are we going to realize we need energy Independence ?  We need the big Corporations like General Electric ( GE ) and private investors like T. Boone Pickens to really step it up and take charge. How is our economy going to recovery if you can't afford to leave your house and afford anything because prices on everything are going up ?

The facts are the facts and our country and the wrest of the world are not in good shape right now. Technology  is advancing to fast and resources are running out faster. Those are to combinations that do not equal anything good. I feel like we are all going crazy we keep repeating the same mistake over and over again. Unfortunately you only get so many chances at anything before their are consequences.

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