Friday, July 27, 2012

Sandusky update on Penn State University Scandal

     Updates on the Sandusky Scandal have come to light... Not only did others fail to report the sexual offenses but  they forged agreements to conceal these attacks for 14years. Investigator Freeh's 267 page report  claims "there are more red flags then you can count".  Further proceedings and prosecutions are to begin in late July for Tim Curly former athlete Director, and Ex-Vice President Gary Shultz.
     In my personal opinion they can all go to jail...Its sad to know people would go to such lengths to conceal the truth of such hanis crimes, and for what?  Who were they saving?  "A name or reputation"...Because it sure wasnt those victims. Whats you thoughts?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are Americans being hypocritical when it comes to Ralph Laurens Olympic Uniforms ?

     Just weeks before the 2012 summer Olympics, Designer Ralph Lauren released his line of Uniforms for team USA. Many are outraged...Senate minority leader Harry Reid says "burn the Olympic Uniforms made in China"   The USA Olympics team consists of 530 athletes. Men's uniforms cost $1900 and $1600 for females, in all totaling to a whopping profit of $940,267.
     The United States is known for freedom and diversity...Americans by clothing and merchandise all the time yet never question where it was made or how. That's what makes us American! We are a country that buys, sells and trades  with many around the globe. Think about the last time you really seen something that didn't say made in Taiwan or China? I think its petty to think a uniform is what defines our athlete.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tragedy In Oyster Bay Long Island leaving 3 children dead

      A 34ft vessel holding 27 people (10 children and 17 adults) capsized  July 4th In Oyster Bay Long Island, taking the lives of three children (David Aureliano 12,Victoria Gaines 7, and  Harlie Treanor 11). According to National Weather Service winds never exceeded over 10-15mph yet a so called wave is what capsized the vessel? There is no doubt the boat was over loaded, other boating sites suggests the boat should only have held up to 15 passengers. All together it is a horrific tragedy... T o hear the families Attorney so worried and defending statements about life jackets, they forgot the key factor... The boat was over crowded. Whether wave or wake what do you think happens when you rock a boat? Logically being over its weight limit it would tip. I don't understand where these parents didn't think this was a safety issue. As sad as this sounds In my opinion they should be charged with reckless endangerment of minors. No one wants to loose a family member, or even put away another one for their carelessness but... what about the law? what about those children? I'm sure their parents are going through there own personal hell but these situations are how new laws are made. By people being made examples of tragedies like this can be avoided.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Hottest summer on Record already, is Climate change still a Hoax ?

Climate change has been at the crux of major global meetings and whether we look at the G20 summits of last few years or the initiatives of the United Nations, one fact is certain that in recent times taking into account the record temperatures all across the globe, climate change is only getting worse.

In recent statistics (July 9th 2012) published by several global news agencies it has been stated that the United States have had warmer than average temperatures for the June 2011 threw June 2012 period. The only exception to this was Washington state. News about the heat wave that killed more than 90 people are still storming in and out of control wild fires are becoming more than a rarity.  Marine ecologists from several universities and research centers are heading to the Australian coral reefs and various other oceanic structures to study the effect of climate change and a recent study has mentioned that the growth of coral reefs have already halted all across the major oceans of the world.

Most people are still living in denial and also question if at all climate change is for real or just a hoax like so many others that have graced the US and the world in the past. The reality is that if we look beyond what the Mayans, the likes of Nostradamus and  what the Bible says then things would be easier to consider and understand. Climate change is not a doomsday prediction. No one bringing attention to climate change is insisting on the world coming to an abrupt end  but an era that would usher in unforeseen consequences. Even Al Gore who is a name synonymous with climate change only tried to push a thought that humanity should make an effort to curb carbon emissions, to cut down on green house gases and steps must be taken to restore natural greenery's, forests and natural habitats. A shift in the worlds ecology would inevitably lead to climate change and it has already begun to happen.

Most people living in denial believe that climate change is nothing but a change in the weather and that record temperatures of a heat wave are just a part of nature’s perennial cycles. If such was reality, Goldman Sachs would not have projected corn yields to be 7.5% lower than the USDA’s projections. The Global food crisis has already started, heat waves are killing people, forest fires and an uncomfortable environment are becoming  omnipresent.

Perhaps, people would believe climate change is occurring once a major catastrophe hits the shores of several countries but then it will be to late.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Casey Anthony the worlds most hated mom:Reaping benefits from boyfriends book "Presumed Guilty"

    Casey Anthony who was acquitted of murdering her daughter a year ago is in the news yet again. We all know the story of the woman who went out clubbing while her daughter was missing. The story of a mother who when her 2 year old child went missing on June 6th doesn't report it until June 16th, and tells the police her daughter had been missing for a month.
     After the long nightmare of the trial was said and done... You would think this so called grieving mother would want to just disappear into the darkest hole there is on earth. Not Casey Anthony, she posts blogs talking about her hair... her computer... how people are talking about her,  yet not once does she mention her daughter Caylee who was murdered by an unknown suspect. How about the fact that she is also in the public eyes for her relationship with her lawyer Jose Baez. To bad Casey forgot to mention in her blog her boyfriend/ Lawyer wrote a book  "Presumed Guilty" based on the whole trial that shes now reaping financial benefits from.
     In my opinion she is guilty unfortunately the system has its flaws and people like her and OJ Simpson go free. The fact that people would actually buy the book disgusts me. Whats your take on her new blogging carrer?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Is America going down the Drain

I think we are getting closer and closer to going down the drain but I still have hope. I still have hope because I'm an American and maybe because I hate giving up, maybe because I know how our country started and where our country has come from.

With that said you cannot deny the fact we are doing nothing to help our country get out of this hole we dug our selves into. Politicians are more concerned about protecting the people who give them money and playing to there emotions instead of doing whats right for the country. John Huntsman once a Republican contender for President will not attend the Republican Convention because he believes his party is to partisan. I did not agree with everything Huntsman said but I believe he was a pretty good candidate because he spoke his mind and did not play to the radicals in his party. Guess what he lost the nomination due to the fact he could not raise enough money.

 It was just reported that Mitt Romney raised 106 million dollars in the month of June alone. President Obama only raised 71 million and it's being reported as bad sign for the President. It's hard to believe that raising 71 million dollars in one month is bad news, but that's what our country has come to. That's what American politics has turned into a popularity contest to see who can get the support from the most ignorant divisive people in your party. If you want to run for any political office just a word of advice don't be bi partisan , don't have real ideas that you are willing to discuss with the other side and whatever you do don't ever tell people how you really feel.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jerry Sandusky's oblivious wife...or is she?

      Lets lay down some facts
FACT:  Jerry Sandusky the former assistant coach of Penn State University was found guilty on 45 of the 48 counts of child sexual abuse.
FACT: Two Penn State University Administrators have stepped aside and now have been charged with failure to notify authorities as well.
FACT: Dotty Sandusky wife of  Convicted sexual predator, adopted 6 children (5 male, 1 female) with Jerry Sandusky, In which one of the children (Matt) accuses Sandusky of sexual abuse.
FACT: Jerry Sandusky apparently only enjoyed  playing with the boys in the basement.
In my personal opinion if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck...Its got to be a duck. If I was Dotty Sandusky I would not be standing by my husband, I would be asking for a divorce. The fact that her own son is accusing her husband and she still stands by his side tells you what kind of a woman/Mother she is. For years woman have been taught your children come first, where are her morals? we've all heard the statement stand by your man but this is taking it to the next level. For Dotty to sit through out the entire trial and hear testimony not of one but multiple victims... wouldn't it make you think twice about what Kind of man your married to, or what potentially may have happened in her own home. In my opinion for her to say she didn't know what was going on is just preposterous. She is just as bad as he is and should be charged right along with him. What's your thoughts

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Macy's Fireworks in Manhattan Videos

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July celebrations, hopefully by now your hangover is better. I was in Manhattan at a awesome roof top party with  great views of the Macy's Fireworks spectacular. I also took some some great photos of lower Manhattan and the Freedom Tower. I hope you enjoy the videos leave some comments while I go back to bed to recuperate.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th celebrations Fire Works and Americas Birthday

July 4th should be a day reflection for all Americans. Despite the current state of our country and all the political stagnation occurring in Washington D.C. we still live in the most Free and democratic country in the world. Lets celebrate our Freedom and focus on how we can keep our country going strong into the future. Lets get more involved in community services , voting and caring for one another. Lets not forget how the United States of America started and how far we have come.

- Today is the 236th anniversary of our declaration of independence

Lesser known truths about Fourth of July

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Miami Zombie Attack: New Video what would you have done?


      By now I'm sure everyone has heard of the so called "Miami Zombie Attack."A naked 31 year old Rudy Eugene of Miami FL, savagely gnawed another mans face off. Police when arriving on scene were forced to shoot Eugene when he refused to stop this gruesome attack. According to timeline videos on YouTube this all goes on for 17-20minutes before police arrive...You actually see bicyclists passing by and even a car that stops to gawk. How this all manages to go on for this long is beyond me. 
     I understand this isn't your ordinary attack seeing someones face being eaten off, but someone should have gotten involved.  I don't understand whats wrong with our society when something so vicious is taking place and  no one stops to help and they keep it moving!  What would you have done?


Monday, July 2, 2012

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split. Is Tom Cruise Gay ?

After almost 6 years of marriage Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting divorced. Katie Holmes is now 33 years old and has one child with the 49 year old Tom Crusie. This was Katies Holmes first marriage and Tom Cruise's third. Tom Cruise was previously married to Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers. Katie filed for divorce in New York where she currently lives in her apartment.

This was a Dream marriage for both of them. Katie mentioned on the Oprah Winfrey show that she had always dreamed of marrying the "Top Gun" star. Tom had a famous moment when he jumped on top of Oprah's couch and proclaimed his love for Katie. We know why it was Katie's dream marriage but why was it Tom's? In my opinion this gave Tom Crusie the perfect cover for his sexuality. Now before you start sending me hate mail hear me out. I don't take issue that he's possibly gay but if he is why is he hiding it, even Anderson Cooper just came out. Do I have any proof what so ever NO, this is just my opinion. I also don't think that it is a coincidence that he's really good friends with John Travolta and they are both Scientologist. I know I am really reaching far with connecting the dots but I think I will be proven right in Time.

ObamaCare formally the Affordable Care Act what does it mean to you ?

Last week the the Supreme Court ruled in favor of up holding President Obama's most controversial piece legislation that he worked on, the Affordable Care Act. In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court ruled that the Law was legal with the deciding vote coming from President Geroge W. Bush conservative appointee Chief Justice John Roberts. This came as a huge blow to Republicans and Conservatives who were stunned that Justice Roberts was the deciding vote who allowed the law to stand. Conservative talk show host where going nuts last week ranting against Chief Justice John Roberts saying he betrayed the country and lost his mind. Some even going as far as suggesting he might be on drugs. Radio talk show host Michael Savage suggested that the drugs Justice Roberts's takes for his problem with seizures had affected his mind and way of thinking.  This was first reported in a NY Times article when Justice Roberts was first proposed by President George W. Bush for the Supreme Court.

I always come back to the same point which is instead of both parties working together on some points of the law and going from there they both play to their base. If you agree or don't agree with the law fine but know the facts first. Please don't listen to all these misleading TV commercials and Radio ads that are meant to get you excited and mad. Below I provided some links with information about the Affordable Care Act. - The Health Care Law and you

Affordable Care Act basics you should know

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Supreme Court ruling on Arizona's immigration Law Sb 1070

On Monday The Supreme court ruled on Arizona's immigration law Sb 1070. The court struck down 3 of the 4 provisions of the law. It kept in place the right of police officers to ask for a persons immigration status while enforcing other laws. The law originally came into place in 2010 when it was signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

I agree that we should be more pro active when trying to deport illegals immigrants. At the same time I totally understand how it could offend legal citizens when law enforcement assumes that your are in our country illegally. So where is the middle ground how can we come together and find an a solution that both sides can live with. In my opinion Its more beneficial for Republicans and Democrats not to come together and work with each other because it gets their base fired up and rallying behind them. Politics today  has become more about staying in power then actually solving problems that our country has to overcome. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Syrian President Al-Assad seems to be losing his hold on Syria

I think we have the best news in Months coming out of Syria today. It's being reported by Turkish media that 33 Syrian Soldiers have defected into Turkey in the last day. Included in the 33 were a General and two Colonels. If Al-Assad loses his military he will have less power to assert control over the citizens of Syria. He will still has strength threw his connections with Iran but it's a big show of symbolism if his legitimate army is defecting. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of his regime but what will fill the vacuum of power next ? Just as we have seen in Egypt and Libya it's never just as easy as getting rid of the bad guy. The leader who comes in next could be worse.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is it safe to say Ronald Page is a born Loser ?

How many times have you dreamed or wished to find a large sum of money that only you would know about? I know I have, every time I go to the ATM machine I am praying to find secret money that magically appears. For Ronald Page this fantasy came true. You would think Ronald's life was set, wrong ! Not only did Bank Of America eventually find out about the glitch that allowed him to withdraw unlimited money from his ATM machine but Ronald upped the ante and lost over 1.5 million dollars of it to gambling. How stupid do you have to be, everyone one knows eventually the bank is going to find out. Instead of letting the Bank know right away or if your going to keep it leave the country and live on a tropical island anonymously. You stay in your crappy house in Michigan and gamble it all away. Wow 

Detroit man gambles away $1.5 million accidentally given by ATM

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Has Lindsay Lohan fallen off the Wagon again?

It looks Like Lindsay Lohan might have fallen off the wagon again. Last week she crashed her rented car then a few days later the producers of her latest movie "Liz and Dick" a Bio pic movie about Elizabeth Taylor were worried after Lindsay took an apparent long nap and they called the paramedics. It turns out that Lindsay was alright and the police did not find anything illegal in the Hotel room. So what do you think are you sick all these chances she has gotten ?

Fox News - Is Linsday Lohan Heading off the tracks again

Monday, June 18, 2012

So what's your opinion on this Map? Is it Funny, True, or Ignorant ?  

Summer Fun and Lower gas prices

One good thing about the U.S. and world economies sucking is the fact that gas prices have fallen dramatically over the last few months. Usually Gas prices tend to rise over the summer but not this year. The highest price I paid for gas where I live was $4.25 for regular now at the same gas station regular is $3.59. Whats the highest Price that you paid for gas so far this year and how much are you paying now ? Would you rather a U.S. economy that was doing a lot better with higher gas prices or a bad economy with lower gas prices ?

 Oil prices slide as Greece optimism fades