Monday, July 9, 2012

Is America going down the Drain

I think we are getting closer and closer to going down the drain but I still have hope. I still have hope because I'm an American and maybe because I hate giving up, maybe because I know how our country started and where our country has come from.

With that said you cannot deny the fact we are doing nothing to help our country get out of this hole we dug our selves into. Politicians are more concerned about protecting the people who give them money and playing to there emotions instead of doing whats right for the country. John Huntsman once a Republican contender for President will not attend the Republican Convention because he believes his party is to partisan. I did not agree with everything Huntsman said but I believe he was a pretty good candidate because he spoke his mind and did not play to the radicals in his party. Guess what he lost the nomination due to the fact he could not raise enough money.

 It was just reported that Mitt Romney raised 106 million dollars in the month of June alone. President Obama only raised 71 million and it's being reported as bad sign for the President. It's hard to believe that raising 71 million dollars in one month is bad news, but that's what our country has come to. That's what American politics has turned into a popularity contest to see who can get the support from the most ignorant divisive people in your party. If you want to run for any political office just a word of advice don't be bi partisan , don't have real ideas that you are willing to discuss with the other side and whatever you do don't ever tell people how you really feel.


  1. Great article and yes I believe we are going down the drain, in fact I believe we already have one foot deep in it and well on it's way to the sewer. Far too many people have lost their moral compass and are only in it for themselves, takers are about to eclipse the makers in many areas and that will lead to a total unsustainable environment for everyone. We have pushed ourselves to live beyond our means, we want it and we want it now and damn the consequences and damned if we care where it comes from. We are heading for a very ugly America, one that only a deployed service member to a real hell hole can recognize, it is not if, but when we get there. I ask would that be a bad thing? would it finally wake people up to the consequences of their choices? Time will tell.

  2. Perfectly said Scott, I just hope we don't have to go to far down the sewer before we wake up.