Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Casey Anthony the worlds most hated mom:Reaping benefits from boyfriends book "Presumed Guilty"

    Casey Anthony who was acquitted of murdering her daughter a year ago is in the news yet again. We all know the story of the woman who went out clubbing while her daughter was missing. The story of a mother who when her 2 year old child went missing on June 6th doesn't report it until June 16th, and tells the police her daughter had been missing for a month.
     After the long nightmare of the trial was said and done... You would think this so called grieving mother would want to just disappear into the darkest hole there is on earth. Not Casey Anthony, she posts blogs talking about her hair... her computer... how people are talking about her,  yet not once does she mention her daughter Caylee who was murdered by an unknown suspect. How about the fact that she is also in the public eyes for her relationship with her lawyer Jose Baez. To bad Casey forgot to mention in her blog her boyfriend/ Lawyer wrote a book  "Presumed Guilty" based on the whole trial that shes now reaping financial benefits from.
     In my opinion she is guilty unfortunately the system has its flaws and people like her and OJ Simpson go free. The fact that people would actually buy the book disgusts me. Whats your take on her new blogging carrer?

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