Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why are Pat Buchanan , Newt Gingrich and Charles Krauthammer Praising President Obama? Yea you read the head line right I have the proof too , read on. The Problem is I don't think the citizens of Afghanistan are so happy, check out the videos below.

President Obama is starting to remind me of the "Flying Wallendas" (look up Wallendas if you dont get the refrence)the way he is balancing on his political type rope. With his hands off approach to health care so not to disenfranchise anyone one part constituency he is not doing to bad keeping everyone happy enough. With his Nobel Peace prize acceptance speech he is moving back towards the middle and is making a lot of conservatives happy. Three Neo Cons Buchanan , Gingrich and Krauthammer are happy with Obama , they think his acceptance speech was very good and that Obama Displayed the U.S. in what they think is the correct light.Newt Gingrich even found hope in Obamas words , wow. Obama went to except the Peace Prize and explained how we are at war, but it is a just war and with out war and America protecting everyone their would not be any peace. Not to shabby excepting a peace prize and telling everyone why war is good and getting applause for it. Below I have some links and videos that support my references to Gingrich , Buchanan and Krauthammer liking the speech. So those three thought Obamas speech was great, I think I know of some people who did not feel the speech like those three. I don't think the Afghans are so happy with us killing their innocent citizens, you have to check out the video below. Please leave your comments on Obamas speech and what you thought of it. Click the green comment link below.

Charles Krauthammer Video:

Newt Gingrich Commets:

Pat Buchanan:

Was on Chris Matthews show and others saying that he liked the speech.

The Afghans thoughts on President Obamas Speech. I don't think they like it check out the video.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please tell me the pattern you see here.

Now I'm not a Genius as you can tell from some of my grammatical errors in my post but I think there's a clear pattern developing here. More and more home grown terrorist and more brazen sympathisers are popping up and they seem to be popping up faster and faster. I hope the G men are connecting the dots, because if the Fort Hood debacle is any indication were in trouble. Check out these links that support my claims.

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Do you think Chris Matthews expected the "Meet the Press" Job? Did he deserve it?

I dearly miss the late great Tim Russert he was a true Journalist , he loved his job and was very genuine. Watching "Meet the Press" with the different host at first was hard,  they knew they couldn't fill his shoes and you could see it. At first I felt a good long shot was Chuck Todd I feel he is a good reporter and keeps it non partisan like a good reporter should. I was surprised when David Gregory was chosen I didn't think he had the right demeanor and would be to soft on asking the hard questions. To me though the clear cut choice the top guy should of been Chris Matthews. After Tim Russert who is the next biggest political reporter who has been around the block and knows D.C. as well as Tim? Chris Matthews of course so what happened, how come he was not picked did they even offer it to him? I always felt like I could see it on Chris's face like he was under pressure because everyone thought he should be getting the job it would be a natural fit. But he did not get it, out of left field comes David Gregory it must of been hard for Chris at that time. I think he did expect to get the job and was very hurt. I also believe now that's why he has become a little more blatant when it comes to leaning towards the left. He does not hide his political views and opinions at all, but as a good reporter like Chris shouldn't he be more neutral? Please share your thoughts click the green comment link below.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A new Segment to the blog dedicated to all our KoKo Birds out there. Make sure to look frequently for updates.

In this post I will make fun of all Democrats , Republicans and anyone else who needs to be made aware of. Good Luck to all that make the "KoKo List"

So who made the Cut tonight?

Tonight's Winner is our very own Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch. I mean seriously Senator don't you think your going a little over board for the Jewish vote? What do you think? Leave a comment below hit the green comment Link.

Should Harry Reids new name be Harry Houdini, can he keep bringing this health care bill back from the dead?

Well I have to back track a little from some comments that I wrote last night regarding Harry Reid. Lets just say that I wasn't so flattering when describing Mr. Reid and is negotiating skills. The health care bill has had so many ups and downs that I feel like I'm on a really bad roller coaster right now. Depending on the time of day and the news channel you turn on the bill is either dead or barley alive. So whats the latest on the saga that never ends , is Olympia Snowe in or out who are the new players? Are we going to have a public option , a trigger or some new mechanism in order to give us an additional option to lower or health care cost. Sen. Lieberman who said point blank that he would not support any type of health care bill with a public option, now possibly could be coming on board. Olympia Snowe might be back on board again now that the "trigger" is back. The way the bill looks right now is that people with insurance would remain with the same coverage, if you do not have or would like to shop around for insurance you would have basically the same options and benefits as all U.S. Government employees. For those of the ages 55-64 you would be able to by into medicare as another option. The Public option is still alive but barely, it would only come into effect if it were triggered by health care cost not coming down. I have a Ny times link below for more details on the newest plan. What Harry Reid seems to have done is made everyone a little happy and addressed key republicans concerns, namely Sen. Snowe and now possibly Sen. Lieberman. So what do you think, will this bill pass by the state of the union is Harry Reid smarter then we think? Or will all these negotiations be for nothing and President Obama will be a one term President. Please leave your comments on this topic,

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leave it up to Glen Beck. The scary thing is he thinks he is normal.

As if Glen Beck has not had enough garbage spewing out of his mouth, now he is involved in a alleged scam trying to get his listeners to buy Gold to make money on the falling U.S. dollar. Goldline International happens to advertise on Becks Tv and radio shows and he is paid to endorse the company as well. The only problem is his listeners did not know he was getting paid to tell them to buy the gold from Goldline. They thought he was just a great guy with some good advice. Wow this guy has absolutely no shame what so ever. Read the full article on yahoo.

For all my Ron Paul fans have you read the latest article from Howard Fineman in Newsweek?

Say what you want about Ron Paul but you have to give credit to a person who stands up for what he believes despite popular opinion. This is a great article from Howard Fineman if you have not read it I suggest you do so. Thanks for the youtube feed from the "FatLibertarian". If you are a Libertarian and you love Ron Paul or not I still suggest you check out I also have the link in my blog roll at the bottom right of the Website.

Is Osama Bin Laden alive?

When was the last time we have had any audio or video from him? Even that does not prove anything because obviously any material could of been pre recorded. We are sending thirty thousand more troops to Afghanistan and we do not even no where Bin Laden is or if he is alive. Defensive Secretary Bob Gates just said this Sunday that he has not had any solid intelligence in a few years as to where Bin Laden is. So your telling me that they have satellites that can see your license plate number from space but they can't find Bin Laden in eight years never mind if he is even alive. I understand the terrain is very bad but come on already we are not looking at a large area no matter how bad the terrain is. It is hard to believe with human assets on the ground , drones , satellites and locals in the area and still no sign of Bin Laden not even a peep. Maybe he is dead what do you think leave your comment.

Will the health care bill pass or is President Obama going to fall on his face?

Lets face it at this point I would be feeling a little anxious if I were the President. The end of the year is three weeks away then will come the state of the union, time is running out fast like sand in an hour glass. With his almost hands off approach to help pass this health care bill he is relying on Harry Reid to carry the ball over the goal line.To be honest at this point it looks like we are at the fifty yard line with a minute left in the game. It seems like we were moving slow and steady and now hit a lot of congestion. The problem with this health care Bus is once it stops it does not start again. I'm glad that the process has taken this long it is the way the best possible legislation comes out of congress.I would love to see some of the ideas from Republican Senator Olympia Snowe incorporated into the bill. I personally would prefer the public option but if we need the bill to pass with a trigger then so be it. If Health care does not pass Obama is going to have more problems then the economy , Afghanistan , Iraq ,terrorism and Jobs. Lol wow poor guy.