Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is Osama Bin Laden alive?

When was the last time we have had any audio or video from him? Even that does not prove anything because obviously any material could of been pre recorded. We are sending thirty thousand more troops to Afghanistan and we do not even no where Bin Laden is or if he is alive. Defensive Secretary Bob Gates just said this Sunday that he has not had any solid intelligence in a few years as to where Bin Laden is. So your telling me that they have satellites that can see your license plate number from space but they can't find Bin Laden in eight years never mind if he is even alive. I understand the terrain is very bad but come on already we are not looking at a large area no matter how bad the terrain is. It is hard to believe with human assets on the ground , drones , satellites and locals in the area and still no sign of Bin Laden not even a peep. Maybe he is dead what do you think leave your comment.

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