Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tiger Woods Needs Sex Rehab * Breaking News

It is being reported I have the link below that Tiger Woods is in Arizona and allegedly has checked himself into a Sex Rehab. I thought it was every mans dream to play golf all day , be a billionaire and have women throw themselves at you. Who new ...

You think Tiger really has a problem? lol Or is he just trying to get his wife back?

Tiger Woods Sex Rehab Link

Has Al Qaeda put us in check mate?

It seems that their has been an up tick in attempted attacks by Al Qaeda against the American home land. With in the last four months we have had the Fort Hood Incident before that we had the Bombing plot in New York almost carried out by Najibullah Zazi. Najibullah Zazi is the 24 year old man from Colorado with links to Al Qaeda who had planed to bomb Grand Central Station. I hate to say it and I pray it never happens again but Al Qaeda has not stopped and the attempts are coming faster and faster. Has Al Qaeda backed us into a corner that we can't get out of? When you break it down to it's simplest form on 9/11 a group of men boarded planes and flew them into buildings as acts of war. Almost ten years later how is it possible for a person that is on a watch list who was denied a Visa from Britan, can pass threw multiple security layers and can still board a plane with NO LUGGAGE? Seriously, how after all the new agencies , after breaking down the bureaucracy so we can connect the dots better, after all the security upgrades, updates, has anything really changed in the last eight years? Is the next step to profile and and forget about being politically correct and hurting feelings or should we stop flying altogether? If Al Qaeda takes down a plane what do you think will happen, everyone will be pointing fingers. This terrorist was from Nigeria bought his ticket cash , had no luggage , was on a terrorist watch list and his father called our embassy to tell us about him. Do you think we should of profiled this guy just a little bit, I really don't think with the facts that I just stated anyone would of objected to a little profiling especially the people on that flight. So do we have to profile , do we have to stop flying, has Al Qaeda pushed us to the point where we have to question our rights as citizens in order to remain safe?
Najibullah Zazi Terrorist  from Colorado Link

Monday, December 28, 2009

POLITICO Arena: Sherrilyn Ifill's response to '1)Flight 253: Do you agree with Janet Napolitano that "the system worked."2)Iran protest killings: Should the president be speaking out forcefully?'

POLITICO Arena: Sherrilyn Ifill's response to '1)Flight 253: Do you agree with Janet Napolitano that "the system worked."2)Iran protest killings: Should the president be speaking out forcefully?'

Now you have to take off your shoes and Underwear when boarding a plane?

Example after example after example, is it just a matter of time before we get hit again? First it was Richard Reid trying to take down a plane over Christmas Holiday a few years ago and now in another attempt Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from Nigeria has also attempted to bring down a plane flying into Detroit Michigan. How is it possible that this new attempt almost became a reality? It is almost ten years since 9/11 and we would of had at least two downed planes since then if it were not for faulty fuses. In the latest attempt the suspect actually sewed the explosives into his under pants, is the TSA going to strip search us now? It is obvious that Al Qaeda will never stop trying to take down our democracy and our way of living as long as their still around. The suspect in the latest incident was actually on watch list, his father called the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria to tell them about his sons radical thoughts and beliefs. It is very logical to think if you keep trying and refining your attempts to do something eventually it will happen, so what can we do to prevent another terrorist attack on board a plane? It is hard enough to keep security tight over here in America how can we ensure that other governments are doing their job which would of prevented this man from even boarding a plane altogether. Should we just reside in the fact that something is going to happen and just live with it ? Please leave your comments I respond back to all.

Associated Press Link - Al Qaeda we did it?