Monday, March 21, 2011

Is Libya proving to be just another Parallel between the fall of the Roman Empire and the U.S. Empire ?

If you have been folllowing my blog, you have an idea of how much I love my country and how I only want the best for America. That is why it alarms me that we still have not learned our lesson when it comes to over extending our powers around the world. From where I stand, it seems people just don't want to accept the fact that we have to become a passive aggressive super power if we want to remain a super power at all.

I think that some Politicians just don't get it, like Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Now in full disclosure I have to admit that I actually like Senator Graham and agree with him on some issues. On Fox News Sunday Senator Lindsey Graham, who is a senior member of the Armed Services Commitee, said that the U.S. should be taking the lead role in the conflict in Libya. He was quoted as saying that " I am worried that we are taking a back seat rather then a leadership role " , he also said we need to, " Isolate , strangle and replace this man, this should be our goal " speaking of Libyan leader Col Muammar al  Qaddafi. Now, is it me or does Senator Graham sound like he is speaking of an all out war? Can you remember the last time we just shot a few cruise missiles at a country and we accomplished everything we needed to? Because I don't, what I do know is that it just cost us over $100 million to shoot those cruise missiles at Libya over the last two days.

I also think President Obama backed himself into a corner when saying that Col Muammar al Qaddafi must leave power. How are we going to get him out of power unless we send in ground troops to do so ? I don't think any other countries are gong to send in troops to get him out. So in a few weeks when we spend over a billion shooting bombs at Qaddafi and he is still in power, then what? We will have lost more credibility, spread ourselves out even thinner, and we will have to cut more domestic programs in order to pay for the conflict.

My point is with all the money spent on the Iraq war, $2 billion a month in Afghanistan, and now a $100 million in two days imposing a No Fly Zone over Libya, what is it going to take before we Get It ? The French and the Arab League took the lead before we did in this conflict; why didn't we let them stay in front? I understand we are a Super Power, but do we want to remain one?  During these times of uncertainty we have to be smart about the conflicts we get involved in. Especially when other countries are stepping up to the plate, let them drain some of their money and resources while we rebuild ours.

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  1. Afghanistan I can understand, Iraq I can understand but Libya Why? we get nothing from them and I don't think we sell them so why get involved there, for peace or for the people getting killed there? what about Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria they are going through the same thing, why not there as well. And how about the other countries where the rulers are killing their people, why Libya, that makes no sense at all.

  2. I agree, it seems not matter who is President the same mistakes keep getting made.

  3. It's hard to say what we are doing since it seems that we have no foreign policy, at all. Hmm, kind alike the Roman Empire, rotting from the inside out.

  4. A view from the USA poodle, er, sorry the UK. While most would agree that Qaddafi is as mad as box of frogs and the world would be a better place without him, anyone can see that this is about one thing and one thing only - OIL. Rather than repeat myself, here's my take on it
    What annoys people this side of the pond is that whenever the USA has said "Jump" in the past, we are always the first to join in, whether it be to catch a terrorist in Afghanistan (really about the vast reserves of oil under it's moonscape) or to oust a man who apparently had the ability to wipe us all out (not) in Iraq (really guessed it).
    If the UK had any moral backbone we would have got rid of the likes of Mugabe years ago on purely humanitarian grounds and said no to the USA over Iraq & Afghanistan, and let the atypically gung-ho French deal with Libya. We are pretending we are still a world power by clinging to the USA coat tails, and it's time it stopped.
    NEVER trust a politician!