Friday, June 18, 2010

Minerals Management Service, Bp’s oil spill, (R) Rep. Joe Barton from Texas and Judge Lynn Hughes it all comes full circle.

 In earlier posts I have connected the dots as to how this entire travesty began. In short MMS rubber stamped anything that Bp submitted to them in order to drill the Deep Horizon well. In turn Bp took advantage of that fact and corruption and took even more short cuts which were abundantly clear from what I believe was great questioning during the Congressional hearings with Tony Hayward. In those hearings Rep Joe Barton from Texas apologized on behalf of himself for what he called a shake down by the White House for the 20 billion dollar escrow account to help all the people in the states that were affected. Rep Barton also takes money from the oil industry a lot of it in the form of donations, wink. I wonder If the Gulf residents feel as if it was a shake down, maybe Barton should take a swim in the Gulf  or eat polluted seafood and lose is income for the next five years and see if he still thinks it was a shake down. Now for the grand finale the judge that Bp wants to reside over the law suits has MAJOR OIL ties. Let’s see to start in 2008 Judge Lynn Hughes received between 50 and 100k from ConocoPhillips , he also receives money from Sun oil , Everest oil and Wagner oil for drilling on property that he owns, conflict of interest you think? Judge Hughes also leases land to Devon Energy to drill for oil in Oklahoma. Devon energy pays him only 15k for the rights to drill 10 wells, maybe the Judge was in a genorous mood that day and wanted to give Devon Energy a great deal. I am sure it has nothing to do with Judge Lynn Hughes ruling in favor of Devon Energy in a 2009 dispute with its insurance agency. I don’t think it can be any easier to connect the dots and see how our country works, it’s called money rules. We the people have to let our politicians know that we are not stupid and that we care. Because they obviously only care about one thing, money. Check out the links below and send a message to Representative Joe Barton and also tell us how you really feel and leave a comment.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bp suspends Dividend for the wrest of the year and sets up escrow account. Progress?

The Gulf of Mexico is still a mess, the oil is still gushing out but we are making some progress on dry land at least. President Obama held meetings today at the White house with the top heads of the Bp oil company. I am happy to report that significant progress was made and the public should feel a little better about this entire crisis. Bowing to tremendous pressure I believe Bp did the right thing and suspended its dividend to its share holders for the rest of this year. Bp is going to also set up a 20 billion dollar compensation fund which will be overseen by Kenneth Feinberg the same man who oversaw the 9/11 victims fund. In addition to that Bp is also going to set aside 100 million dollars for oil workers who have been out of work due to President Obama moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. To date Bp has already spent over a billion dollars between the clean up and compensating workers in the Gulf States that have been affected by the oil spill. Mr. Feinberg also received an endorsement from one on my favorite Senators from New York Charles E. Shumer. Senator Shumer said that Mr. Feinberg did an amazing job with the 9/11 victims fund and thinks the people in the Gulf will feel the same way. How do feel about today’s events and Bp suspending its dividend?

Ny Times - Bp agrees to create fund to pay for spill -

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not to worry U.S. Oil companies Say they have the right Safety Plans in place in case of similar Bp oil Catastrophe in the gulf.

If you want to talk about a joke then you have come to the right Blog today. Do people still wonder why our country is going down the tubes? In my mind this comes down to two fundamental views whether you believe in big government and more regulations or smaller government and less regulations. The oil spill in the gulf I think falls in the category of smaller government and less regulation and I believe I was proven correct today on Capitol Hill. Rex W. Tillerson Chairman of Exxon Mobil testified today that he does not think that a disaster like the Bp oil spill could happen with his company. John S. Watson CEO of Chevron also took the same line as Rex implying that Bp mishandled the situation. This is where the joke really starts to develop, Bp’s plan in case of an oil spill said that it would be able to handle a spill of up to 250,000 barrels of oil a day. We see how well they are doing with a 30,000 barrel a day spill, not to worry because Chevron says it can handle up to a 200,000 barrel a day spill. Alright that’s seems a little more realistic I suppose so what about the rest of their plan. Well the U.S. oil companies also includes plans to rescue walruses and oh yea they also list the same phone number for the Oil expert Bp listed  that has been dead for years now. So our U.S. oil companies have almost exactly the same emergency plan as Bp does, don’t you feel safer now? What this tells me is it was not only Bp it is all the companies drilling for oil off our coast. Our Government approved these plans and said everything is ok, go ahead drill baby drill. I believe this is a direct result of less regulation the desire for a smaller government. The tone set by our Government tells business do whatever you want to make money, don’t worry we will fix it later. Kind of sounds like what happen when our financial system nearly tanked with the real estate bubble. Profit , profit , profit how many more times can these disasters happen before one day we are not going to be able to make it back from the edge of the cliff.

Ny Times - Oil executives try to explain diffrences from Bp.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Has America passed the point of no return?

Let me come right out and say that I believe in America and I believe that we as citizens can still make a change and steer this great ship of ours back in the right direction. That is why everyone loves America and as Americans we always believe that were never completely out of the game. I also don’t want you to get caught up in the hype because as a country we have seen and been threw a lot of turbulent times throughout our history and made it threw them all and usually have come out better. All you have to do is look at the headlines in the news papers during these times , the Civil War, Great Depression, WW2 , Vietnam war , the stock market crash in the 80’s and so on and every time people were scared but we came out of the crisis and survived. The difference I think today that separates us now from those crises is technology. Technology has caused these major incidents to occur faster and more frequently. From one end of the spectrum to the other technology has evened the playing field for our enemies and has also sped up the process in which these crises happen. Look at the chain of events and short amount of time in which they have occurred. Starting around 2000 we first had the tech bubble, then 9/11 where guys in caves where able to take down the Twin Towers all organized threw the internet. Within ten years we had the Real Estate bubble explode in our faces and nearly brought our country to the brink of collapse. Now we have the Bp oil spill where they advanced the technology so fast that they can drill for oil over thirty thousand feet below the surface of the earth. The problem is the technology advanced so fast they don’t have the means to correct a problem when it occurs. They were more concerned with drilling for the oil to subdue or appetites and make a profit that safety totally took a back seat. The point I’m making is these major incidents have always been occurring but not as fast and frequent. The common denominator has been the advances in technology and the pace at which it keeps on advancing. Tell me what you think do you agree leave your comments.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sarah Palin and “Boob Gate” does it make a difference to you?

Rumors are swirling around the internet that Sarah Palin has had breast implants. My question to you is, would Sarah Palin be as popular if it not for her being good looking? According to reports John McCain had a very limited vetting process with Palin. Was it because he was mesmerized by her looks and thought the country would be to. To a certain extent the country is still very infatuated with her and has given her perhaps more opportunities due to her being attractive. Those opportunities hence have given her more exposure and perhaps credibility due to that exposure. So whether she has implants or not I would say that it would only help her. If she came out and said that she had implants would the Tea Party no longer like her, I don’t thinks so. So what do you guys think leave your comments.

Sarah Palin reacts to Breast Implant Rumors