Friday, June 18, 2010

Minerals Management Service, Bp’s oil spill, (R) Rep. Joe Barton from Texas and Judge Lynn Hughes it all comes full circle.

 In earlier posts I have connected the dots as to how this entire travesty began. In short MMS rubber stamped anything that Bp submitted to them in order to drill the Deep Horizon well. In turn Bp took advantage of that fact and corruption and took even more short cuts which were abundantly clear from what I believe was great questioning during the Congressional hearings with Tony Hayward. In those hearings Rep Joe Barton from Texas apologized on behalf of himself for what he called a shake down by the White House for the 20 billion dollar escrow account to help all the people in the states that were affected. Rep Barton also takes money from the oil industry a lot of it in the form of donations, wink. I wonder If the Gulf residents feel as if it was a shake down, maybe Barton should take a swim in the Gulf  or eat polluted seafood and lose is income for the next five years and see if he still thinks it was a shake down. Now for the grand finale the judge that Bp wants to reside over the law suits has MAJOR OIL ties. Let’s see to start in 2008 Judge Lynn Hughes received between 50 and 100k from ConocoPhillips , he also receives money from Sun oil , Everest oil and Wagner oil for drilling on property that he owns, conflict of interest you think? Judge Hughes also leases land to Devon Energy to drill for oil in Oklahoma. Devon energy pays him only 15k for the rights to drill 10 wells, maybe the Judge was in a genorous mood that day and wanted to give Devon Energy a great deal. I am sure it has nothing to do with Judge Lynn Hughes ruling in favor of Devon Energy in a 2009 dispute with its insurance agency. I don’t think it can be any easier to connect the dots and see how our country works, it’s called money rules. We the people have to let our politicians know that we are not stupid and that we care. Because they obviously only care about one thing, money. Check out the links below and send a message to Representative Joe Barton and also tell us how you really feel and leave a comment.
Cnn - Judge favored by Bp has financial ties to oil industry -

Rep. Joe Barton webpage -

Judge Lynn N. Hughes Bio -


  1. Rep. Joe Barton really put his foot in his mouth with those comments. He showed complete disrespect and callousness for the people who are being affected by this spill.

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