Friday, December 25, 2009

Charlie Sheen In Jail on Christmas

One thing you cannot say about Charlie Sheen is that he doesn't keep it real. Charlie managed to get arrested for Domestic Violence before 9am central time in Colorado. Obviously he has a problem if on all days he can't hold back his temper, want to talk about embarrassing. You got to see his Mug shot it is a real  winnner.

Check out the Link for all the details

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Ed Hanway. Congratulations on a job well done Ed

Wow you thought the boys on wall street were out of touch, wait until you get a load of this. Ed Hanway The CEO of Cigna Health insurance is getting a nice little retirement package just in time for the holidays. You can really tell the health insurance industry must be very scared about profits with the new health care bill coming out of Congress. Cigna was only able to provide Ed Hanway with a 73 million dollar retirement package , wow poor baby. The best part is Ed Hanway was CEO of Cigna during a outrageous case where Cigna denied a teenage girl a Liver transplant and subsequently the girl passed away because of it. I guess Ed is getting rewarded for denying transplants and saving money for Cigna. Read the entire story with the link below leave your comments I respond back to all.

Ed Hanway Link Written By Jason Rosenbaum

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KoKo Bird of the day: Should Roland Burris even be considered Normal? What a embarrassment...

After the way Roland Burris paid for his, oops I mean was appointed to his senate seat you would think he would lay low for a while. No, you would be wrong once again if you thought logically. Roland Burris is not only staying in the lime light but he has found a new way to contribute to our great democracy. He now is singing Christmas songs on the Senate floor making fun of the Republicans. Mr. Burris is a Senator from Illinois and  Illinois deserves a lot better then him. Do you think at any point Burris might of said to himself , maybe this is not a good idea? From watching the video it seems that he thought his behavior was amusing. Leave your comments I will respond back to everyone what do you think of this Clown, is he embarrassing?

Roland Burris Christmas Song On Senate Floor.

Our troops in Iraq are getting an early gift this year from General Anthony Cucolo. They are gettinng a Beautiful Court Martial.

A new order has come from General Anthony Cucolo directed at the 22,000 U.S. troops that are stationed in northern Iraq. The order states that if you get pregnant or impregnate another fellow U.S. soldier, you can be subject to a Court Martial. General Cucolo said that he needs all his troops in the field and cannot afford to lose any. I agree I think the decision makes sense but I also understand that a court martial is a little extreme. What do you think leave your comments I respond back to all.

General Cucolo's Link with Video from Cnn by Barbara Starr

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Health Care bill is getting closer to becoming reality. The health insurance industry can't wait for this cash cow to pass.

What are we getting for our tax dollars with this health care Bill. Yesterday on "Meet the Press" Joe Scarborough really brought up a lot of good points that we should be aware of. According to Joe the biggest winner for the health care bill is going to be the Health care industry itself.
Below is a list of what we are not getting in the Health Care Bill

Still not allowed to cross state lines to shop for Health insurance
Still not allowed to shop for Prescriptions drugs in Canada
Absolutely nothing done with Tort reform
No Public Option
You will not be denied Health insurance due to a pre existing condition but you will pay more for it, up to 30% more then a person with out the condition. Reform?

It seems like we did not get a lot for a year of negotiations. I think they could of provided health care to thirty million Americans with out going threw this entire process. Where is all the competition to bring down the cost of health care for those who have it already? If you are fortunate and already have health insurance, you get to keep it and pay higher taxes for it, sounds good right? The biggest winners are going to be the health insurance companies and health care providers. Many Health insurance companies hit 52 week highs on Friday. I don't think they are to concerned about the passage of this health care bill. Did we get the shaft or is this real reform? You have to look at the "Meet the Press" video and leave your comments I will respond back to all.