Friday, June 25, 2010

The American Osama Bin Laden Hunter just crazy or crazy like a Fox.

Gary Faulkner is the American that has traveled to Pakistan 7 times since 9/11 in order to find Osama Bin laden. Faulkner claims to have been aided by locals on the ground and also the Pakistani army itself. Gary states that the media is mischaracterizing the Pakistani people that in fact they are very nice and always have been helpful to him. According to Gary’s brother Doctor Scott Faulkner Gary currently does not have nor did he ever have any mental illness. The media outlets have been in my opinion portraying Gary as a crazy American a religious fanatic on a mission from God. Although Gary is a religious man and was found with a Bible on him in Pakistan does that make him crazy? In my eyes it’s called conviction and determination. People are not used to someone carrying out a plan when they say they will so Gary automatically gets labeled a crazy a loon. Granted he has the conviction a lot of wish we had, but do not fault a man for this. When 9/11 happened did we not all want to go to Afghanistan and find and kill Bin Laden well Gary did 7 times. I think the question everyone should be asking is not if Gary is crazy but how did he do it. Did you ever think it would be even remotely possible to board a plane fly into Pakistan get off the plane and start looking for Bin Laden, 7 times? And It‘s not like he stayed in the big cities either he went deep into tribal areas into no man’s land. If Gary was able to do this 7 times you are trying to tell me the CIA or Military Special Ops can’t get in there. I know what I am saying sounds simple but a supposed crazy man from Colorado was able to do it 7 times. If it’s true that our military is doing everything possible to get Bin Laden then I would say Gary Faulkner is the equivalent to our entire U.S Military minus drone attacks. To bad we don’t have more Americans with the same type of Conviction. This in no way is meant to be an insult to our men and women in uniform but maybe the politics behind the scenes and the strategy in place need to be changed. Please leave your comments.

Free Condoms For 1st graders in Mass?

On June 8th the the school board in Province Town Mass. Unanimously voted to provide condoms to all students in all grades without Parental consent. No one in the audience objected that night and for weeks before the vote the issue was being discussed in open meetings and local cable television shows. The school superintendent Beth Singer said she had only one phone call from a parent even after the proposal was approved on June 8th. That parent wanted to know when the program was going to start so she could talk to her kids about it.

Leave it up to fox news in Boston to stir the pot and start a controversy when they ran a Story entitled "Condoms at school". Immediately after that show the Mass. family institute put out a statement saying " Making condoms available to first graders bullies parents to submit to an agenda that promotes sexual promiscuity to innocent children at their most vulnerable age". Kris Mineau the President of the Mass. family institute said that the this new policy was "absurd" and parents should file suit to overturn it.

Now I agree that there should of been some obvious age limit in order to receive the free condoms which would of made sense. But do you really think the school was going to give first graders condoms, come on. As I reported only one parent was concerned about this new policy according the the school superintendent and that was about when it was going to start. Do you think the school district has nothing better to do but to give school kids condoms? Obviously their is a reason for this, it's called an epidemic of high school pregnancy's and the school district is doing what parents should be doing. Fox news and the Mass. family institute had to make this an issue to get ratings by saying first graders were going to get condoms. Where was Fox News or the Mass. family institute before this proposal was passed? They had other issues that were getting them more publicity and ratings , condoms for first graders was not that important only two weeks ago.

Two points; parents should be at the front line when it comes to educating their kids and if you want to have a conversation about condoms in school fine but don't let fox news start it with a gimmick for ratings because only two weeks ago no one cared.

Fox News - Condoms for first graders

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Bp and the Minerals Management service are at it again.

Bp and the clowns in Washington are at it again and from my perspective serving up another disaster in the Arctic Circle. Bp is currently drilling another well "The Liberty well" in the Arctic circle three miles off the coast of Alaska. You might be asking yourself I thought President Obama put a six month moratorium on off shore drilling? Well you are right but the money hungry savages at Bp have figured out a loop hole that a 6th grader could of thought up and our Government of course approved it. Although the drilling sight is three mile off the main land it's in only thirty feet of water. The geniuses at Bp came up with the idea of building a man made island and a land bridge to the mainland. So now technically they are not drilling offshore anymore now its considered to be on land. Well not to worry of course with the disaster in the gulf and supposed tighter regulations our Government did not approve this drilling, WRONG! MMS approved it and Bp is working at the drill sight as I am writing this. Well not to worry because Bp must be taking extraordinary safety measures , WRONG again. This well is going to be the worlds deepest and Bp is using a totally new technique that has not been proven to be safe yet. The new well is going to be two miles deep and six mile across to reach an oil field of one hundred million barrels. This drill sight has already received state and federal permits to begin drilling. Breaking from usual practice instead of federal regulators conducting an independent analyses they allowed Bp to conduct its own environmental review for the "Liberty Well". But not to worry Bp said it's all good, they have it all under control. Even federally scientist said that Bp should of never been allowed to perform it's own environmental reviews that's the responsibility of federal regulators. In Bp's own promotional materials about the "Liberty Well" it says this well is going to push the boundaries of drilling technology. The Liberty well is really upsetting me I just cant believe with the worst natural disaster in U.S. history that this well can continue to operate as we speak and from all companies Bp. Incidentally Bp is the only oil company still allowed to drill in the arctic right now none of our U.S. companies are drilling. Look at my past post about this and other topics I believe my sarcasm and cynicism is justly supported up by these examples I keep pointing out. Greed has really taken over our government, how could they allow this Liberty Well to continue? Why isn't President Obama specifically pointing out this well and doing something about it? If we have another Bp disaster in the Arctic will that be enough for us to say we need new green technology to take us into the future? I am not saying stop drilling altogether but this Liberty Well is a time bomb and we are letting it happen again, it's like a slow motion car wreck. We need to contact our Senators and Representatives and let them know how we feel. What are your thoughts on this, in your comment tell us if you have or will contact your Senator or Congressman about this Liberty Well. I have all U.S. Government links at the bottom right of my page so its easy for you to do. Also check out the Ny times link for the full story.

Ny Times - BP is pursing Alaska drilling some call risky -

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The price of Cigarettes goes to $11.00 dollars a pack in New York.

The price of cigarettes are going to be at least $11.00 a pack in New York beginning July 1st. The New York state Legislature just passed a resolution adding additional $1.60 to the price of cigarettes which will bring the total amount of taxes to $6.85 a pack. New York leads the way with the most taxes on cigarettes in the entire country by far. The additional $1.60 is expected to raise an additional $290 million dollars to help combat the 9.2 Billion dollar short fall New York State is facing with its budget. The state who comes in second with the highest cigarette taxes is Rhode Island with $3.46 a pack. According to the American Heart Association this additional tax is going to make at least 100,000 people quit smoking in New York. Smokers seem to be a fast growing minority and the new tax is helping them quit at a faster rate and creating more revenue for the state, this seems to be a win win for New Yorkers. Do you think there should be a limit or a cap on the amount you can keep on taxing Cigarettes? Are smokers being taking advantage of why don’t they add these additional taxes on fast food and the like? I don’t smoke for all the obvious reasons but it does seem that smokers are easy targets for tax hikes.

NY Daily news -