Friday, June 25, 2010

The American Osama Bin Laden Hunter just crazy or crazy like a Fox.

Gary Faulkner is the American that has traveled to Pakistan 7 times since 9/11 in order to find Osama Bin laden. Faulkner claims to have been aided by locals on the ground and also the Pakistani army itself. Gary states that the media is mischaracterizing the Pakistani people that in fact they are very nice and always have been helpful to him. According to Gary’s brother Doctor Scott Faulkner Gary currently does not have nor did he ever have any mental illness. The media outlets have been in my opinion portraying Gary as a crazy American a religious fanatic on a mission from God. Although Gary is a religious man and was found with a Bible on him in Pakistan does that make him crazy? In my eyes it’s called conviction and determination. People are not used to someone carrying out a plan when they say they will so Gary automatically gets labeled a crazy a loon. Granted he has the conviction a lot of wish we had, but do not fault a man for this. When 9/11 happened did we not all want to go to Afghanistan and find and kill Bin Laden well Gary did 7 times. I think the question everyone should be asking is not if Gary is crazy but how did he do it. Did you ever think it would be even remotely possible to board a plane fly into Pakistan get off the plane and start looking for Bin Laden, 7 times? And It‘s not like he stayed in the big cities either he went deep into tribal areas into no man’s land. If Gary was able to do this 7 times you are trying to tell me the CIA or Military Special Ops can’t get in there. I know what I am saying sounds simple but a supposed crazy man from Colorado was able to do it 7 times. If it’s true that our military is doing everything possible to get Bin Laden then I would say Gary Faulkner is the equivalent to our entire U.S Military minus drone attacks. To bad we don’t have more Americans with the same type of Conviction. This in no way is meant to be an insult to our men and women in uniform but maybe the politics behind the scenes and the strategy in place need to be changed. Please leave your comments.

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  1. The reason why this guy was able to do what he did, but the military can't is because he's not in the military. If he had done something he shouldn't have, they can play it off as if he was just some crazy guy acting on his own. If he was a member of the armed forces for the American Military, he would be under global scrutiny, because then there's the whole idea that there were secret ops going on in areas they weren't supposed to be.

    In this way, some random guy from the street has much more access to areas that the military doesn't. Not because of lack of training, equipment or conviction, but simply from a political liability standpoint. He was not acting under orders, and there's no evidence that he could have been acting under orders, so the government is not liable for his actions.