Friday, June 25, 2010

Free Condoms For 1st graders in Mass?

On June 8th the the school board in Province Town Mass. Unanimously voted to provide condoms to all students in all grades without Parental consent. No one in the audience objected that night and for weeks before the vote the issue was being discussed in open meetings and local cable television shows. The school superintendent Beth Singer said she had only one phone call from a parent even after the proposal was approved on June 8th. That parent wanted to know when the program was going to start so she could talk to her kids about it.

Leave it up to fox news in Boston to stir the pot and start a controversy when they ran a Story entitled "Condoms at school". Immediately after that show the Mass. family institute put out a statement saying " Making condoms available to first graders bullies parents to submit to an agenda that promotes sexual promiscuity to innocent children at their most vulnerable age". Kris Mineau the President of the Mass. family institute said that the this new policy was "absurd" and parents should file suit to overturn it.

Now I agree that there should of been some obvious age limit in order to receive the free condoms which would of made sense. But do you really think the school was going to give first graders condoms, come on. As I reported only one parent was concerned about this new policy according the the school superintendent and that was about when it was going to start. Do you think the school district has nothing better to do but to give school kids condoms? Obviously their is a reason for this, it's called an epidemic of high school pregnancy's and the school district is doing what parents should be doing. Fox news and the Mass. family institute had to make this an issue to get ratings by saying first graders were going to get condoms. Where was Fox News or the Mass. family institute before this proposal was passed? They had other issues that were getting them more publicity and ratings , condoms for first graders was not that important only two weeks ago.

Two points; parents should be at the front line when it comes to educating their kids and if you want to have a conversation about condoms in school fine but don't let fox news start it with a gimmick for ratings because only two weeks ago no one cared.

Fox News - Condoms for first graders


  1. It's FOXNEWS...I'm not suprised by anything those clowns do!

  2. I didn't know first graders were biologically capable of reproduction. Ah, but I suppose there are those nasty little STDs to worry about.

    What a crazy world. When I was in first grade, the thought of sex never even crossed my mind. Talk about growing up fast...

  3. Spark check I like your point. Another words not to worry about your 1st grader getting stds, but an oil well 2 mile deep in the gulf dont worry about that being safe.