Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Bp and the Minerals Management service are at it again.

Bp and the clowns in Washington are at it again and from my perspective serving up another disaster in the Arctic Circle. Bp is currently drilling another well "The Liberty well" in the Arctic circle three miles off the coast of Alaska. You might be asking yourself I thought President Obama put a six month moratorium on off shore drilling? Well you are right but the money hungry savages at Bp have figured out a loop hole that a 6th grader could of thought up and our Government of course approved it. Although the drilling sight is three mile off the main land it's in only thirty feet of water. The geniuses at Bp came up with the idea of building a man made island and a land bridge to the mainland. So now technically they are not drilling offshore anymore now its considered to be on land. Well not to worry of course with the disaster in the gulf and supposed tighter regulations our Government did not approve this drilling, WRONG! MMS approved it and Bp is working at the drill sight as I am writing this. Well not to worry because Bp must be taking extraordinary safety measures , WRONG again. This well is going to be the worlds deepest and Bp is using a totally new technique that has not been proven to be safe yet. The new well is going to be two miles deep and six mile across to reach an oil field of one hundred million barrels. This drill sight has already received state and federal permits to begin drilling. Breaking from usual practice instead of federal regulators conducting an independent analyses they allowed Bp to conduct its own environmental review for the "Liberty Well". But not to worry Bp said it's all good, they have it all under control. Even federally scientist said that Bp should of never been allowed to perform it's own environmental reviews that's the responsibility of federal regulators. In Bp's own promotional materials about the "Liberty Well" it says this well is going to push the boundaries of drilling technology. The Liberty well is really upsetting me I just cant believe with the worst natural disaster in U.S. history that this well can continue to operate as we speak and from all companies Bp. Incidentally Bp is the only oil company still allowed to drill in the arctic right now none of our U.S. companies are drilling. Look at my past post about this and other topics I believe my sarcasm and cynicism is justly supported up by these examples I keep pointing out. Greed has really taken over our government, how could they allow this Liberty Well to continue? Why isn't President Obama specifically pointing out this well and doing something about it? If we have another Bp disaster in the Arctic will that be enough for us to say we need new green technology to take us into the future? I am not saying stop drilling altogether but this Liberty Well is a time bomb and we are letting it happen again, it's like a slow motion car wreck. We need to contact our Senators and Representatives and let them know how we feel. What are your thoughts on this, in your comment tell us if you have or will contact your Senator or Congressman about this Liberty Well. I have all U.S. Government links at the bottom right of my page so its easy for you to do. Also check out the Ny times link for the full story.

Ny Times - BP is pursing Alaska drilling some call risky -


  1. Interesting viewpoint on this issue. Gulf Oil Spill has really become a major issue now as it has become the largest oil spill in US history. ENVIRONMENT IS AT RISK.

    I also wrote a post about 12 facts of this grave issue on "Life as i know it"

  2. I believe that BP would not foul this up again because they already lost a lot. I think you don't see how BP and the government have nothing to gain and so much to lose by spilling more oil. Couple this with the issues of the OPEC cartel and the need of US to have domestic oil production, as well as the looming energy crisis, and I say that this is a risky yet necessary step for the economy.

    You can read more on this on my blog post "In Defense of the Profit Motive." I'm interested to know what you think: