Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bluetooth-enabled Meds entering your bloodstream soon

A Swiss pharmaceutical company named Novartis AG has developed a type of Medicine which carrys an IEM (Indigestible event marker) which is activated by Blue tooth technology. The Blue tooth is activated when ingested and makes contact with stomach acid. The microchip (IEM) relays information back to the doctor letting him or her know if the drug is working. The IEM also sends information like heart rate, body temperature and body movements.

Do you think this is going to far? Soon we will be eating microchips without knowing it and being tracked all day. It really makes you want to be careful about what you eat. :) - Bluetooth-enabled meds coming soon

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pentagon can't explain mystery missile cloud off the coast of California

Now in some lighter news the Pentagon is having trouble explaining what clearly seems to be a missile plume off the southern coast of California. The plume was spotted on Monday afternoon 11/8/10 during sunset. The plume was also caught on video by a Cnn affiliate which was taken from a helicopter.

John Pike a defense expert seems to have the mystery solved according to him. Pike said "it's clearly an airplane contrail". Pike also said that it's an optical illusion where it seems the trail is going up but it's actually coming toward the camera. The thing most puzzling to Pike is why the U.S. Government cannot figure this out and make this growing story go away. Col. Dave Lapan said that the Defense department is still investigating the incident as of tuesday morning.

The joke here is that we spend nearly a TRILLION dollars a year on the defense budget and we are still investigating the incident. How, how is this possible ? It makes you wonder what the hell is going on in the government. We have satellites that can follow you, wire taps that can listen to you from across the planet but we don't know if we shot a missile off yesterday.

Cnn - Pentagon Can't explain possible Missile Launch