Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sarah Palin and “Boob Gate” does it make a difference to you?

Rumors are swirling around the internet that Sarah Palin has had breast implants. My question to you is, would Sarah Palin be as popular if it not for her being good looking? According to reports John McCain had a very limited vetting process with Palin. Was it because he was mesmerized by her looks and thought the country would be to. To a certain extent the country is still very infatuated with her and has given her perhaps more opportunities due to her being attractive. Those opportunities hence have given her more exposure and perhaps credibility due to that exposure. So whether she has implants or not I would say that it would only help her. If she came out and said that she had implants would the Tea Party no longer like her, I don’t thinks so. So what do you guys think leave your comments.

Sarah Palin reacts to Breast Implant Rumors


  1. How are there no comments on this post? It's been all over the local news here in Ohio. I for one agree that she was eye candy, or is? Maybe though not picked strictly for that, but it was a nice added perk.

    As for the boobs, not sure if they are new, could care less either way, would never waste a vote on her.

  2. I never got what the hoopla was about her appearance. I saw a closeup of her once in Time, I think it was. She had a freaking mustache. Grossed me out.