Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not to worry U.S. Oil companies Say they have the right Safety Plans in place in case of similar Bp oil Catastrophe in the gulf.

If you want to talk about a joke then you have come to the right Blog today. Do people still wonder why our country is going down the tubes? In my mind this comes down to two fundamental views whether you believe in big government and more regulations or smaller government and less regulations. The oil spill in the gulf I think falls in the category of smaller government and less regulation and I believe I was proven correct today on Capitol Hill. Rex W. Tillerson Chairman of Exxon Mobil testified today that he does not think that a disaster like the Bp oil spill could happen with his company. John S. Watson CEO of Chevron also took the same line as Rex implying that Bp mishandled the situation. This is where the joke really starts to develop, Bp’s plan in case of an oil spill said that it would be able to handle a spill of up to 250,000 barrels of oil a day. We see how well they are doing with a 30,000 barrel a day spill, not to worry because Chevron says it can handle up to a 200,000 barrel a day spill. Alright that’s seems a little more realistic I suppose so what about the rest of their plan. Well the U.S. oil companies also includes plans to rescue walruses and oh yea they also list the same phone number for the Oil expert Bp listed  that has been dead for years now. So our U.S. oil companies have almost exactly the same emergency plan as Bp does, don’t you feel safer now? What this tells me is it was not only Bp it is all the companies drilling for oil off our coast. Our Government approved these plans and said everything is ok, go ahead drill baby drill. I believe this is a direct result of less regulation the desire for a smaller government. The tone set by our Government tells business do whatever you want to make money, don’t worry we will fix it later. Kind of sounds like what happen when our financial system nearly tanked with the real estate bubble. Profit , profit , profit how many more times can these disasters happen before one day we are not going to be able to make it back from the edge of the cliff.

Ny Times - Oil executives try to explain diffrences from Bp.


  1. It is a sad situation all around. You'd think that companies who have made the type of profits over the past decade that these oil companies have would have plans in place to fix problems like this. I wonder how much money BP is going to lose in the long term because of this disaster.

  2. I have the link on the right with Bp's stock price. Since this has happened they have been halved. So they are def feeling the pain. Now we need other companies to see this and get scared and make sure that they dont have any misshaps.

  3. If you look at it, the whole dynamics of the disaster, the one singe main thing making this a total f*&% up is the fact it is a deep well platform, or was. The deep well drilling platforms are really new and only a small percentage of the drilling in the world. BP rushed into an uncharted territory without proper research and now we all pay for it.

    I am not as worried from a conventional well operation as those are in more shallow waters making cleanup and damage control much easier. When I mean damage control I am speaking about the hardware, not the company's spin tactics.