Monday, June 14, 2010

Has America passed the point of no return?

Let me come right out and say that I believe in America and I believe that we as citizens can still make a change and steer this great ship of ours back in the right direction. That is why everyone loves America and as Americans we always believe that were never completely out of the game. I also don’t want you to get caught up in the hype because as a country we have seen and been threw a lot of turbulent times throughout our history and made it threw them all and usually have come out better. All you have to do is look at the headlines in the news papers during these times , the Civil War, Great Depression, WW2 , Vietnam war , the stock market crash in the 80’s and so on and every time people were scared but we came out of the crisis and survived. The difference I think today that separates us now from those crises is technology. Technology has caused these major incidents to occur faster and more frequently. From one end of the spectrum to the other technology has evened the playing field for our enemies and has also sped up the process in which these crises happen. Look at the chain of events and short amount of time in which they have occurred. Starting around 2000 we first had the tech bubble, then 9/11 where guys in caves where able to take down the Twin Towers all organized threw the internet. Within ten years we had the Real Estate bubble explode in our faces and nearly brought our country to the brink of collapse. Now we have the Bp oil spill where they advanced the technology so fast that they can drill for oil over thirty thousand feet below the surface of the earth. The problem is the technology advanced so fast they don’t have the means to correct a problem when it occurs. They were more concerned with drilling for the oil to subdue or appetites and make a profit that safety totally took a back seat. The point I’m making is these major incidents have always been occurring but not as fast and frequent. The common denominator has been the advances in technology and the pace at which it keeps on advancing. Tell me what you think do you agree leave your comments.


  1. Interesting thoughts. Technology and the advancement of it are here to stay. As with anything good, there is always a downside. If we can keep our value systems intact and maintain positive purpose, the Internet can augment those capabilities. Some of the bad stuff will seep through, but we all need to maintain a level of personal accountability.

  2. The title word is "passed," not "past." (sorry to be such a prig, but if you're going to write in public do it right.)