Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do you think Chris Matthews expected the "Meet the Press" Job? Did he deserve it?

I dearly miss the late great Tim Russert he was a true Journalist , he loved his job and was very genuine. Watching "Meet the Press" with the different host at first was hard,  they knew they couldn't fill his shoes and you could see it. At first I felt a good long shot was Chuck Todd I feel he is a good reporter and keeps it non partisan like a good reporter should. I was surprised when David Gregory was chosen I didn't think he had the right demeanor and would be to soft on asking the hard questions. To me though the clear cut choice the top guy should of been Chris Matthews. After Tim Russert who is the next biggest political reporter who has been around the block and knows D.C. as well as Tim? Chris Matthews of course so what happened, how come he was not picked did they even offer it to him? I always felt like I could see it on Chris's face like he was under pressure because everyone thought he should be getting the job it would be a natural fit. But he did not get it, out of left field comes David Gregory it must of been hard for Chris at that time. I think he did expect to get the job and was very hurt. I also believe now that's why he has become a little more blatant when it comes to leaning towards the left. He does not hide his political views and opinions at all, but as a good reporter like Chris shouldn't he be more neutral? Please share your thoughts click the green comment link below.

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  1. I agree that Chris Mathews would have been a natural pick for "Meet the Press". To date, I still can't believe that David Gregory is the host. On top of the fact that I can't stand the sight of him, he's really changed the whole view of the show. David Gregory is a little "soft" on his guests making the show lighter than usual.

    Tim Russert (God rest his soul)really got down to what the public wanted and needed to know with an exquisite finesse. He really had respect for his guests and for informing the masses on the truth. At the end of the day it was never personal with Tim; always business.

    Now, Chris Mathews may not have that exact finesse, but he knows how to get the answers that people want to hear. As far as there being a controversy over him not getting the job, that could be possible. Point is whether Chris wasn't offered the job or didn't take it due to salary requirements; anyone would be better than David Gregory.