Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Will the health care bill pass or is President Obama going to fall on his face?

Lets face it at this point I would be feeling a little anxious if I were the President. The end of the year is three weeks away then will come the state of the union, time is running out fast like sand in an hour glass. With his almost hands off approach to help pass this health care bill he is relying on Harry Reid to carry the ball over the goal line.To be honest at this point it looks like we are at the fifty yard line with a minute left in the game. It seems like we were moving slow and steady and now hit a lot of congestion. The problem with this health care Bus is once it stops it does not start again. I'm glad that the process has taken this long it is the way the best possible legislation comes out of congress.I would love to see some of the ideas from Republican Senator Olympia Snowe incorporated into the bill. I personally would prefer the public option but if we need the bill to pass with a trigger then so be it. If Health care does not pass Obama is going to have more problems then the economy , Afghanistan , Iraq ,terrorism and Jobs. Lol wow poor guy.

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