Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Different tips and ways to get out of debt in America Today.

The unemployment rate is at 9.5 percent nationally but higher in certain states and cities. Those of us who have jobs are getting worked to the bone in fear of losing our jobs. Since 1980 our work production has gone up over 40% but our wagers have virtually remained the same. Since the 1980 CEO'S yearly salaries have gone up over 500% , yes you just read that right.

I hate to be another person on the soap box but where is the general public Bail Out? Oh wait I forgot we did it our selves so we have to pay the consequences. The Greedy money hungry big banks just had some bad luck so that's why the Government bailed them out with Billions of dollars. In case you have not noticed the middle class of this country is gone it no longer exist, now it's just the rich and those who work for the rich. Unions are going by the way side if you want to form a union you get harassed or forced out of your job. Now both parents have to work to support the family and they have to work longer to pay the baby sitter so they can go to work.

In my effort to try and help the common citizen I have comprised a website of financial advice and tips that I have used and know work. It's time Americans rely on each other for help and not big government. At http://www.freefinancialtipsandloans.com/ you are going to find two pages on how to get Personal and Business loans, plus real techniques to improve your credit. Getting out of debt is not easy and is an up hill battle most of the way but you can't quit and let the Man win. Think how good it will feel when you are out of debt knowing where you have come from when you thought you would never be able to. I will also show you get out of debt scams to avoid that will only waste more of your time and money. If your interested in getting a personal loan or improving your credit even if it's good visit my other site http://www.freefinancialtipsandloans.com/

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