Saturday, August 7, 2010

Have you had Cloned Cow meat yet? Vitamin D helps reduce the risk of cancer. 10 medical aid workers killed in Afghanistan.

Have you eaten cloned Cow meat yet? Would you know if you had?

Corning has a gold mine in it's hand with Gorilla Glass. This super strong thin glass was created in 1962 but never had a market until now. Gorilla Glass is going to be in all the new frame less Television's coming to market. I hope you own this stock or buy on the next dip if their is one in my opinion.

International Space Station seems to be falling apart.

Something I was not aware of but I think everyone should know. Vitamin D seems to be great at reducing the risk of the Cancer and many other benefits.

To be an aid worker and help others is selfless and the greatest gift you can give those in need. To be an aid worker in Afghanistan is border line insane.

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