Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Should Harry Reids new name be Harry Houdini, can he keep bringing this health care bill back from the dead?

Well I have to back track a little from some comments that I wrote last night regarding Harry Reid. Lets just say that I wasn't so flattering when describing Mr. Reid and is negotiating skills. The health care bill has had so many ups and downs that I feel like I'm on a really bad roller coaster right now. Depending on the time of day and the news channel you turn on the bill is either dead or barley alive. So whats the latest on the saga that never ends , is Olympia Snowe in or out who are the new players? Are we going to have a public option , a trigger or some new mechanism in order to give us an additional option to lower or health care cost. Sen. Lieberman who said point blank that he would not support any type of health care bill with a public option, now possibly could be coming on board. Olympia Snowe might be back on board again now that the "trigger" is back. The way the bill looks right now is that people with insurance would remain with the same coverage, if you do not have or would like to shop around for insurance you would have basically the same options and benefits as all U.S. Government employees. For those of the ages 55-64 you would be able to by into medicare as another option. The Public option is still alive but barely, it would only come into effect if it were triggered by health care cost not coming down. I have a Ny times link below for more details on the newest plan. What Harry Reid seems to have done is made everyone a little happy and addressed key republicans concerns, namely Sen. Snowe and now possibly Sen. Lieberman. So what do you think, will this bill pass by the state of the union is Harry Reid smarter then we think? Or will all these negotiations be for nothing and President Obama will be a one term President. Please leave your comments on this topic,

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