Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why are Pat Buchanan , Newt Gingrich and Charles Krauthammer Praising President Obama? Yea you read the head line right I have the proof too , read on. The Problem is I don't think the citizens of Afghanistan are so happy, check out the videos below.

President Obama is starting to remind me of the "Flying Wallendas" (look up Wallendas if you dont get the refrence)the way he is balancing on his political type rope. With his hands off approach to health care so not to disenfranchise anyone one part constituency he is not doing to bad keeping everyone happy enough. With his Nobel Peace prize acceptance speech he is moving back towards the middle and is making a lot of conservatives happy. Three Neo Cons Buchanan , Gingrich and Krauthammer are happy with Obama , they think his acceptance speech was very good and that Obama Displayed the U.S. in what they think is the correct light.Newt Gingrich even found hope in Obamas words , wow. Obama went to except the Peace Prize and explained how we are at war, but it is a just war and with out war and America protecting everyone their would not be any peace. Not to shabby excepting a peace prize and telling everyone why war is good and getting applause for it. Below I have some links and videos that support my references to Gingrich , Buchanan and Krauthammer liking the speech. So those three thought Obamas speech was great, I think I know of some people who did not feel the speech like those three. I don't think the Afghans are so happy with us killing their innocent citizens, you have to check out the video below. Please leave your comments on Obamas speech and what you thought of it. Click the green comment link below.

Charles Krauthammer Video:

Newt Gingrich Commets:

Pat Buchanan:

Was on Chris Matthews show and others saying that he liked the speech.

The Afghans thoughts on President Obamas Speech. I don't think they like it check out the video.

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