Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is Houston gay about it's new gay mayor? Houston is now the largest U.S. city with a gay Mayor.

Annise Parker has become Houston Texas first gay Mayor. Ms. Parker won the majority of votes against Gene Locke a former city attorney with 53% of the vote. I am a little surprise I am not to familiar with the Houston area but I don't think they have a large gay community. Is the south changing , is this a trend or what's the real story. Is Ms. Parker just a good politician and we should treat it as that? Please leave your comments and relay any info you might know about the subject. Check out the link for some for info.

Annise Parker Houston's First Gay Mayor

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  1. Doesn't suprise me at all that Houston, TX has a Lesbian Mayor. There's a large homosexual community there. Besides. didn't your mamma ever teach you to, "never judge a book by its cover"?