Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Say it ain't so Joe

Is this getting ridiculous, or what?! Pretty much we are back to square one and it's getting worse. No public option , no Medicare buy in at age 55 , whats next? I really feel like a little brat and saying forget it all I don't want anything. So to sum it up we wont have a "public option" , the medicare buy in , the ability to shop for insurance out of state or to buy prescription drugs in Canada. What do we get; thirty million people who are not insured will now have health insurance. That is absolutely amazing and god bless all the new people who will be able to take better care of their health and have one less thing to worry about. With that being said it took a year to make this happen; the opt in , the opt out , the trigger , the medicare buy in and for what? I'm just wondering, did anyone ask Joe how he was leaning toward or what he thought about the public option months ago. If he said no public option no matter what months ago why did we waste so much time on it? We actually could of used some of the Republicans ideas like tort reform and cross state shopping for insurance plus adding the 30 million. Leave your comments about what you think of Senator Joe Lieberman? Do you think we should kill the bill altogether or be happy with anything? Click the green comment link below to leave your comments . Also check out the links for more on Joe Lieberman.

SALON.COM By Thomas Schaller


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