Thursday, December 17, 2009

U.S. Military Drones being hacked by insurgents, what else? Did you know there will be about 16ok Private contractors plus regular U.S. Troops by spring?

We're barely keeping our status as the only super power in  the world with the most advanced military and technology that human kind has ever known. So, who hacked into our drones that prowl the Sky's and kill terrorists to keep our country safe? Was it Aliens, the Russians, no it must of be the Chinese, wrong again its the insurgents themselves. You know; the guys who hate technology and live in mud huts and use mules for transportation, The insurgents with a $26 gadget bought probably from a radio shack who have been able to hack into our Predator drones and now they can see what the drones can see. Is this whole Afghanistan war becoming pointless? At this point the terrorist have the same technology as we do because they see what we can see. Wasn't that the point to watch these guys secretly so we can find where they go and then get them? Maybe Osama Bin Laden is laughing in his cave watching live feeds of the drone continuously passing over his cave. The best part about this lapse in security coding for the drones is the the U.S. Military has known about this since the Bosnian war in the 1990's. If the drones situation is not bad enough the latest news now coming out is about all the Private contractors the U.S. Government has employed over in Afghanistan. There will be another 56k private contractors going over with this newest surge. The total number of private contractors will increase to about 160k. The jobs that these contractors perform include the following but not all:

Hiring teams of contractors to perform electronic monitoring of related information.

Awarding $44.8 million contract to a Florida firm that provides trained dogs to be used in hot spots near borders with Pakistan

Contracting jobs for intelligence analyst services that include ‘collecting, analyzing and providing recommendations necessary for the government to produce and disseminate intelligence products in several subject areas.’

Contracting positions ‘Defense Logistics Agency’ which would provide distribution and warehousing services for US and NATO forces in the Kandahar area

In total we will have more then 100k U.S. troop plus 160k Private contractors, we have been there for 8 years Harmid Karzai said that he needs us there another ten years at least.I am not trying to be negative here but come on already enough is enough. When the Russians were there although under a lot different circumstances they did not have 260K troops plus NATO troops , plus UN troops and world support. The problem is we are doing just as good as they did and we know how that ended. First we should be ashamed that our drones are being hacked by insurgents,with the money we spend on the military compared to other domestic programs that need it a lot more, aliens should not be able to hack our drones never mind insurgents. If insurgents are hacking our technology what are the Chinese and the Russians doing to it. I think they have a bigger budget then $26 to figure it out. In My opinion What we should do in Afghanistan is send our troops to the border get the border on lock down. Get every drone we have flying over the Pakistan border region. We need radio stations and loud speaker broad casting telling the locals about rewards and per swaying them not to protect Al qaeda and the Taliban. We need to pay these locals so now they depend on us for money not the Taliban or Al Qaeda. We have to get Pakistan as hard as it would be with their political situation to put even more pressure on the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Leave your comments below click the green comment link. also check out other links that are good to learn more on this topics.

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