Monday, December 14, 2009

What is wrong with Joe Lieberman?

Joe Lieberman is really taking his political capital to the next level with threatening again with a filibuster. He is absolutely dead set against any type of "Public Option" he does not even want to hear it. Now with a work around for the public option situation to satisfy Sen. Lieberman , Harry Reid has been working on the medicare buy in at age 55. Hold your horses because Sen. Lieberman has a problem wit that too. He said it is going to add to much additional debt to the federal deficit. The CBO is expected to say that the new approach from Sen. Reid with the medicare buy in at age 55 is going to be Deficit neutral. The reason I am upset with Sen. Lieberman is he is in the insurance industry's pocket. Although I do not think Sen. Reid is the best Negotiator, he is making efforts to appease every one's concerns. Lieberman seems to just be putting up road blocks with no solutions other then no Health care bill at all. Why would Sen Lieberman be so opposed to opening up the insurance market to bring cost down? You think it could be because the insurance companies donate large sums of money to Sen. Lieberman? Do you think because the Insurance industry is a big employer and very important to the economy of Connecticut? So what do you think is it more important for Lieberman to side with the people who give him the most money for his campaigns or our country and health care for those who cannot afford it? If health care passes without Sen. Lieberman's help I guess he can say that he didn't help the country but stayed face with his money contributors. Pretty good Joe keep up the great work your doing a great job your a real Statesmen. Leave your comments below click the green link. Check out the links with more Joe Lieberman News.

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