Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Howard Dean , has he gone Rogue on The Health Care Bill?

Now that The public option is gone and every other attempted form of it is too, what should we do? Scrap health care all together, throw our hands up and say forget it, well that's what Howard Dean is saying .Was this a wasted year of debate on a health care bill that was dead from the start? Maybe we  have to look at this different, like Franklin D. Roosevelt did with "The New Deal" and "The Second New Deal". Should we get something passed no matter what it looks like and improve on it over time. Roosevelt Created the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Social Security Administration to name a few, look how those two entities have changed since their inception over Seventy years ago. Maybe we have to take it on the chin for the future of our country and be the Guinea pigs for whatever we get. The last time we had an opportunity for health care reform on this scale was with President Bill Clinton in 1993. If we don't pass anything now when will we? Maybe another ten years maybe never , lets see what we can get now and work on it over time.If the health care bill does not pass now, you can "forget about it" because it will take at least another ten years if ever. How do you feel, should we pass something anything or kill the the health care bill altogether like Howard Dean wants to? How do you view Joe Lieberman a hero or a Villon? Please leave your comments click the green comment link below.

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