Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Hottest summer on Record already, is Climate change still a Hoax ?

Climate change has been at the crux of major global meetings and whether we look at the G20 summits of last few years or the initiatives of the United Nations, one fact is certain that in recent times taking into account the record temperatures all across the globe, climate change is only getting worse.

In recent statistics (July 9th 2012) published by several global news agencies it has been stated that the United States have had warmer than average temperatures for the June 2011 threw June 2012 period. The only exception to this was Washington state. News about the heat wave that killed more than 90 people are still storming in and out of control wild fires are becoming more than a rarity.  Marine ecologists from several universities and research centers are heading to the Australian coral reefs and various other oceanic structures to study the effect of climate change and a recent study has mentioned that the growth of coral reefs have already halted all across the major oceans of the world.

Most people are still living in denial and also question if at all climate change is for real or just a hoax like so many others that have graced the US and the world in the past. The reality is that if we look beyond what the Mayans, the likes of Nostradamus and  what the Bible says then things would be easier to consider and understand. Climate change is not a doomsday prediction. No one bringing attention to climate change is insisting on the world coming to an abrupt end  but an era that would usher in unforeseen consequences. Even Al Gore who is a name synonymous with climate change only tried to push a thought that humanity should make an effort to curb carbon emissions, to cut down on green house gases and steps must be taken to restore natural greenery's, forests and natural habitats. A shift in the worlds ecology would inevitably lead to climate change and it has already begun to happen.

Most people living in denial believe that climate change is nothing but a change in the weather and that record temperatures of a heat wave are just a part of nature’s perennial cycles. If such was reality, Goldman Sachs would not have projected corn yields to be 7.5% lower than the USDA’s projections. The Global food crisis has already started, heat waves are killing people, forest fires and an uncomfortable environment are becoming  omnipresent.

Perhaps, people would believe climate change is occurring once a major catastrophe hits the shores of several countries but then it will be to late.

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