Monday, July 2, 2012

ObamaCare formally the Affordable Care Act what does it mean to you ?

Last week the the Supreme Court ruled in favor of up holding President Obama's most controversial piece legislation that he worked on, the Affordable Care Act. In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court ruled that the Law was legal with the deciding vote coming from President Geroge W. Bush conservative appointee Chief Justice John Roberts. This came as a huge blow to Republicans and Conservatives who were stunned that Justice Roberts was the deciding vote who allowed the law to stand. Conservative talk show host where going nuts last week ranting against Chief Justice John Roberts saying he betrayed the country and lost his mind. Some even going as far as suggesting he might be on drugs. Radio talk show host Michael Savage suggested that the drugs Justice Roberts's takes for his problem with seizures had affected his mind and way of thinking.  This was first reported in a NY Times article when Justice Roberts was first proposed by President George W. Bush for the Supreme Court.

I always come back to the same point which is instead of both parties working together on some points of the law and going from there they both play to their base. If you agree or don't agree with the law fine but know the facts first. Please don't listen to all these misleading TV commercials and Radio ads that are meant to get you excited and mad. Below I provided some links with information about the Affordable Care Act. - The Health Care Law and you

Affordable Care Act basics you should know

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