Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Supreme Court ruling on Arizona's immigration Law Sb 1070

On Monday The Supreme court ruled on Arizona's immigration law Sb 1070. The court struck down 3 of the 4 provisions of the law. It kept in place the right of police officers to ask for a persons immigration status while enforcing other laws. The law originally came into place in 2010 when it was signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

I agree that we should be more pro active when trying to deport illegals immigrants. At the same time I totally understand how it could offend legal citizens when law enforcement assumes that your are in our country illegally. So where is the middle ground how can we come together and find an a solution that both sides can live with. In my opinion Its more beneficial for Republicans and Democrats not to come together and work with each other because it gets their base fired up and rallying behind them. Politics today  has become more about staying in power then actually solving problems that our country has to overcome. 


  1. Last year I had a rent a car that was parked legally in a spot...An illegal drunk Imagrant hit my car and tried to take off. when we ran out and stopped him grabbing him out of the car, he begged us not to call the police. I had no choice he was drunk and the rent-a-car was totalled. When the police got there he Magically didnt speak English, and I found out he didnt have Ins, the plates were stollen, and the car wasnt even registered on top of him not being a citizen. He got arrested and then he was deported from what the police told me...and yet I managed to bump into him a month later. Now Im stuck with a collections debt of 6,000 cause my ins said they wont cover it.

  2. I know I already wrote here but if you thought my little debt was bad how about my friend Chris who was killed by an Illegal imagrant who was driving a dump truck on 495 for a company off the books and hit him while on his motorcycle. Unfortunately these things happen but the man should not have been driving for a company in the first place. how do you explain this to grieving parents that they will never see their son again cause things like this happen. My family came here from another country and Im all for better futures but following the rules of the country you want to be apart of is important and that goes even for our own citizens.