Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are Americans being hypocritical when it comes to Ralph Laurens Olympic Uniforms ?

     Just weeks before the 2012 summer Olympics, Designer Ralph Lauren released his line of Uniforms for team USA. Many are outraged...Senate minority leader Harry Reid says "burn the Olympic Uniforms made in China"   The USA Olympics team consists of 530 athletes. Men's uniforms cost $1900 and $1600 for females, in all totaling to a whopping profit of $940,267.
     The United States is known for freedom and diversity...Americans by clothing and merchandise all the time yet never question where it was made or how. That's what makes us American! We are a country that buys, sells and trades  with many around the globe. Think about the last time you really seen something that didn't say made in Taiwan or China? I think its petty to think a uniform is what defines our athlete.

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