Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is it safe to say Ronald Page is a born Loser ?

How many times have you dreamed or wished to find a large sum of money that only you would know about? I know I have, every time I go to the ATM machine I am praying to find secret money that magically appears. For Ronald Page this fantasy came true. You would think Ronald's life was set, wrong ! Not only did Bank Of America eventually find out about the glitch that allowed him to withdraw unlimited money from his ATM machine but Ronald upped the ante and lost over 1.5 million dollars of it to gambling. How stupid do you have to be, everyone one knows eventually the bank is going to find out. Instead of letting the Bank know right away or if your going to keep it leave the country and live on a tropical island anonymously. You stay in your crappy house in Michigan and gamble it all away. Wow 

Detroit man gambles away $1.5 million accidentally given by ATM

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