Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Record Deficit of $223 billion, do you really care anymore ?

Well the United States of America Broke a record last month and the final tally is still not in. In  February 2011 we had the Biggest record Federal Budget deficit in the History of the United States of America, we were short $223 billion. Yes we did it, we were able surpass 2010's record deficit of $221 billion. We are breaking records but they are going in the wrong direction, we need record surpluses do the politicians in Washington D.C. know that ?

Gas prices are soaring, interest rates are about to go higher, inflation is popping it's ugly head up and oh yea we ran a $223 billion deficit last month. I am not trying to be a wise ass here but the facts are the facts, when are we going to get that we need to make big changes and everyone is going to have to sacrifice. We are spending $2 billion a week in Afghanistan how about we start there for a quick injection of some capitol. Then we need politicians to grow some balls and tell the truth to the American public about Entitlements like Medicare and Social Security. Enough is enough lets start acting like what adults are supposed to act like and sit down make some hard choices and get our country at least in the right direction.

New American - February Set New Record for U.S. Deficit


  1. The US is currently the most powerful country in the world, therefore many actions made by its leaders would effect many countries.

  2. I shudder to think of the burden we're putting on our kids and grandkids.

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