Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is going for broke against the Feds and other important stuff like Libya

Enough about Charlie Sheen lets talk about a real Super star, Lindsay Lohan. She was in court again this morning for a chance to accept the District Attorneys plea deal for the alleged necklace she stole. Lindsay Lohan was offered 6 months in jail for the alleged felony necklace heist but she denied the offer and decided to go to trial to fight the charges. If found guilty she will also be in violation of her probation terms and could face more then 3 years in the BIG HOUSE.  Read the entire Update right here from E Online !

The next country in the Middle East that I am worried about is Saudi Arabia. When the citizens of Saudi Arabia start uprising then all bets are off and the shit has hit the fan. There have been reports of the Saudi Arabian authorities stopping all protest and punishing those who are protesting severely.

All the updates on Libya and Much More : 

CNN - Gadhafi likely to survive revolt, U.S. intelligence chief says

Ny Times - Qaddafi Forces Take Back Strategic Town From Rebels

Bloomberg - Qaddafi ‘Will Prevail’ Over Rebels in Long War, Clapper Says

Bloomberg - Saudi Arabian Security Forces Break Up `Day of Rage' Protest in al-Qatif

The Washington Post - White House guarded on King's Muslim hearing

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  1. I am really afraid of the possible level of escalation. Not so much with Lindsay but with the middle eastern region. At least the moroccan king plans ahead on revising the country's constitution...but the rest of it..bad!
    But anyhoo... I like your blog, keep me informed :)