Monday, March 7, 2011

Did Bill O'Reilly really ask the Hard questions with Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ?

When Bill O'Reilly interviewd President Obama he was criticized for what some say was talking down to the President and also asking ridiculous questions. When Bill O'Reilly  interviewed former defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld he could of  seen it as an opportunity to look more " fare and balanced " lol . A lot of commentators on both sides of the isle are saying that Bill really gave it to Rumsfeld in this interview, that  he asked the hard questions.  At one point during the interview Bill wants to know why Rumsfeld did not let the citizens of the United States know all the potential problems with a war with Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Rumsfeld just answers back that we the citizens knew everything that we had to know and that was good enough.

Is it me or does Rumsfeld seem like he is not in touch with reality ? I think people in high positions should have  psychological reviews if that's already not happening. Rumsfeld looks like a bit from "Saturday Night Live" but it's not an actor it's him playing him. Take a look at the Interview tell me what you think.

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