Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's time Bp gets taught a lesson from the American Public.

We need to take action into our own hands and teach Bp and the oil companies a big lesson. Bp has been getting Government money to drill baby drill in the gulf and this is the thanks we get. The oil companies in the gulf receive U.S. Government aid in order to fund new explorations for oil and that money comes from our taxes. So you can say that we literally paid for this oil disaster in the gulf to happen. Now it is true that the Minerals Management Service issues the permits and ok's whether or not the drilling site is safe and the proper studies have been completed in order to proceed drilling. So I would say that our Government is just as much to blame as Bp, Bp just took advantage of the situation. That is why we need Bp to fail so that our Government sees that the public can and will make changes. If this is not the time to make a final pivot towards green energy and energy independence then we will never do it. We need to Boycott Bp gas stations we need the Bp's stock price to continue to fall we need to contact our Senators and Congressmen and let them know that we are fed up. We have to take this momentum and run with it, now is the time to double down our efforts and make a difference. Read the links below if you want to stage a local boycott in your neighborhood contact me I will help you. If you need the correct Government links to contact people who make policy changes contact me. Now is the time to make moves and make something happen. Please leave your comments about what you are doing to help and just how mad you are.


  1. Today on Fox Business Network it was reported that BP Oil may seek a bailout due to the ever increasing costs of the cleanup and losses in stock value. Reasons why were due to the fact that most of the retirees in England draw pension from BP or have shares of BP stock in their portfolios and are losing millions because of the disaster.

    NO WAY !!! The US taxpayer needs nothing to do with a bailout of BP. If BP fails and closes up shop, oh well. I am sure there will be another company more than willing to take over BP's position in the industry.

    England can do what it wants, I should not and will not give my views of a British bailout of a British company as I am an American living in America. Of course, England is pretty much broke after helping Greece.

    Let me just throw this out there, we have millions of unemployed people here in America that have fallen off of the radar, the "99ers". Before the US Government gives a dime to a company like BP it better as heck help it's own people first !

  2. Thanks Hankmann for the info.