Wednesday, June 9, 2010

President Obama an angry black man and the tightrope he has to walk

51 days and counting and the oil is still gushing out like a geyser; is the end of this nightmare in sight? President Obama has been going down to the gulf region on a fairly consistent basis now to show support to the area and to keep on the back of Bp. The President is being criticized for not showing enough emotion and not being angry enough, do you think that he has satisfied the public’s craving for emotion? In an interview with Matt Lauer he even said that he was going to “kick BP’s ass”. Is that all we needed just a little emotion from No Drama Obama to make us feel better about the situation. I thought we voted him in because he was calm cool and collected unlike George W. Bush who was the opposite. It seems to prove the point that Americans are hard to satisfy we want it all calm cool collected, emotions, smarts and in some cases like right after 9/11 all that goes out the window and we just want justice at any cost. Now the next shoe to drop will be that Obama has become an “angry black man” like a new article from Cnn’s website has a talked about. Can President Obama do anything right or does it just come with being a President, an African American president at that? I have the link below check it out and leave your comments about this post.

Cnn link


  1. J-hezzie!
    Great little quip - I have to agree, but I don't think it's because he's black or white or purple, people just like to complain. People love the negative. It's gotton to the point that when you ask someone how they are doing, they almost feel guilty to say "Everything is Great". They feel like they have to throw a complaint in, or a potential complaint, "So far so Good", "Ok I guess". That's just the nature of the beast. The fact that he's black is just another round in the chamber for the complaint gun. Too much government involvment in healthcare but not enough on the oil spill. Go figure.
    Keep up the good articles!!

  2. I think we need any angry being to start taking control of this crisis. Its about time that government do take control of the situation despite the negativity, as the risk of destroying our most natural & valuable resource.