Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How low can you go? The Taliban is teaching young students how to become suicide bombers and about virgins.

The Taliban and these terrorist who transform and manipulate children into becoming suicide bombers should be blown up themselves. Every time we catch these Taliban losers we should strap them up with a suicide belt and blow them up in front of the kids and then ask the kids how they feel about being a Martyr. If its so great to blow yourself up how come we never see any top leaders or Bin Laden himself screaming Allah Akbar just before they blow up? In Pakistan's recent offensive into tribal areas their army has discovered more schools where the Taliban is teaching little children how to become suicide bombers. Lt. Col Yusuf of the Pakistani army said these schools are shocking and that all they do is brain wash the kids. The Taliban tells the parents of these children that they will feed their kids and give them an education. I know that their are many different variables but the bottom line is these Pakistani people literally live in mud huts , they have know money , food is hard to come buy, they live in the mountains and don't have any idea what the world can really offer them as far as education and opportunity's. The Taliban has paintings on the walls of the schools of beautiful valleys , flowers and virgins and they tell the children that's where they will go once they die. The children are taught that they will be swimming in rivers of milk and honey , the shore lines will be covered with virgins and they remind the kids how bad their life is and how good it could be. In the school that was closed down by the Pakistani military Lt. Col Yusuf said that at least 200-300 kids had already passed threw the school before it was closed down in late summer. Can we do anything to stop this insanity , we already give Pakistan billions in aid and we have are military there hunting the terrorist, what else can we do? Doesn't it bother you that these low lives take advantage of children and brain wash them to become suicide bombers? I have the link with the full story below please leave your comments I respond back to all.
Cnn - Pakistan school link

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