Monday, January 4, 2010

Enough about war and terrorism. Now on a lighter note Preisdent Obama appoints his first Transgender appointee.

Gee whiz these days you can really say that you have seen it all. Amanda Simpson was appointed by President Obama to be a senior technical advisor in the Commerce Dept. Amanda said that she was proud to be one of the first Transgender appointees and hopes that hundreds more are coming soon. When Amanda was a man he was a test pilot for Raytheon defense contractor. During her ten year employment there she began and finished her transformation into a women. I guess you can say that Obama really is trans formative! Amanda also was a delegate for Hillary Clinton in 2008 and ran for a seat in the Arizona state Government but lost in 2005. I wonder what the Republicans are going to say about this? I'm sure they will be understanding and accepting. Will this become another distraction for the White House, how come the Republicans are not going crazy about this right now? We have our first African American President , Almost a women President , Gays in the Military and now one of the first Transgender appointees, do you think that you have seen it all yet?  
Click the link for more on this from ABC News

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