Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Michael Douglas' Ex-wife Law suit Thrown out of court

Michael Douglas might be losing his battle with throat cancer but he just won a battle with his Ex-Wife Diandra Luker. The pair have been divorced since 2000, Diandra went to court demanding 40% of the proceeds of Michael's Douglas latest and possibly his last film "Wall Street; Money Never sleeps". The Trial was held in New York and Judge Cooper who was presiding over the case said that New York was not the proper venue for the trial. The Couple divorced in California and Judge Cooper said that's were the case should be tried if at all.

How do feel about Diandra Luker, is she Cold hearted or just trying to get what she deserves? I am glad to see that Michael Douglas won this last battle against his Ex-Wife. You know even though he is in a lot of pain it had to put a smile on his face knowing his Ex isn't getting anything.

The Inquisitor - Michael Douglas beats Ex-Wife in Court

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