Monday, September 13, 2010

Senate GOP rallies against Tax cuts , Mitch McConnell at the front.

It's beyond annoying now how stagnant the U.S. congress has become with it's lack of progress on any legislation. Am I missing something I thought that we just averted another "Great Depression" and that we are fighting two wars. Shouldn't it be all hands on deck putting differences aside and coming together to improve our country.
During WW2 People were asked to make sacrifices in order to help our country succeed, and succeed we did. Despite unemployment being so high , the economy not robust at all , the two wars and so on have you been asked to sacrifice anything for our country. The state governments are running gigantic deficits or going bankrupt altogether and we still want more.

I don't thinks it that much to ask if you are making more then 250k to incur a small tax increase. The majority of Americans over 90% will not see any tax increase at all. Now don't get me wrong I don't want to see taxes going up on anyone lower taxes I am all for, but isn't time to give back a little especially if you can afford it.

Senate Gop Rallies Against Tax cuts

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