Monday, October 25, 2010

Senator Mitch McConnell tells us how he really feels in this weeks " National Journal " Article

And we the citizens wonder why our Country is going no where fast, just look at Senator Mitch McConnell's Article in " National Journal ". Whether you are a Republican or Democrat at this point with all the divisiveness in Washington and bickering back and forth aren't you sick of it. Unemployment is above 9.5 % , homes are still going into foreclosure and Republicans are still trying to figure out if President Obama was born a U.S. citizen. I would say lets stop with the politics and sit down and agree on what we can but our Representatives cant even do that.

The reason the Tea Party is getting the Traction it is, is because Americans are sick of the same old Bs in Washington so they are looking any where for help. Sarah Palin is taking advantage of this opportunity and doing everything she can to be in front of the Tea Party movement to stay relevant. I am all for a 3rd even 4th political party but lets step up the game not take a step down. I wouldn't say that Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O'donnell or Nevada Senate Candidate Sharon Angle would be the direction I would want the next Political party to go. I understand that those two don't represent the entire Tea Party but they do represent the tone and views of the Tea Party.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is fighting hard for our country during these hard times. His number one goal for our Country is not bringing down the un employment not creating new jobs not reducing the budget not working with the President to improve the new health care bill but to make sure that President Obama is a one term President. Ok, so the Republicans are complaining how the country is going down the tube , but for the next two years they are going to focus not on improving the country but making sure Obama is a one term President.

Like I said I am not picking sides here Democrat or Republican but it's not hard to see why are Country is going no where fast. We need real leaders that are more concerned about actual citizens and their daily lives rather then power control and getting re elected. A third party makes sense but we need a legitimate one with reason.
National Journal Interview with Mitch McConnell

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