Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is Republican Rep. John A. Boehner a cry baby?

Rep. John A. Boehner from Ohio the newly elected Republican Speaker of the House seems to be a very emotional man . In two recent notable examples he has been over come by his emotions. Even out going House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that Rep. Boehner has cried before while debating hard fought bills on the House floor.

His two latest crying incidents have come when he won re election in November and as recently as last weekend during a interview with Lesley Stahl on " 60 minutes ". In both incidents he was brought to tears by explaining how hard he worked to achieve the American Dream and how hard it is for school children to succeed today. Rep. Boehner is well known for crying at retirement speeches, victory speeches and when it comes to children and education according to his friend Rep. Tom Latham a Republican from Ohio.

I am glad that Rep Boehner is comfortable expressing his emotions but I wonder what people would say if Nancy Pelosi was crying all the time? Rep. Boehner worked at his family owned Pub in Cincinnati Ohio named "Andy's Cafe". I would assume his family was making enough money to employ him, plus it might be easier working for a family business. That in no way to takes away from their success but Rep Boehners rise to the top might not be the struggle one might think when you see him crying all the time. I think he's always crying because he knows that he is a lucky man and those are tears of joy. All of us work hard and try to do are best but we don't whined being Speaker of the House.

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  1. I feel his tears are staged to gain the empathy of his audience. I don't trust him after watching that interview on 60 minutes. He's not as "common" as he claims.