Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tea Party candidate elect Allen West is already butting heads before he is even sworn in.

It should come to no surprise to anyone who knows Tea Party elect Republican Rep. Allen West of florida that he is not afraid to speak his mind. Allen West was first brought to national attention in 2003 during the Iraq war. Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. army. In 2003 while in Iraq lets say he got a little over zealous during a interrogation. West thought an Iraqi police officer was with holding information and allegedly shot a few rounds with his .45 next to the police officers head. Lets just say the Iraqi police officer began to sing a like a canary. It was never proven whether the information West obtained through his tactics were factual but West said he would do it again to keep his men safe. Allen West was court marshaled and allowed to retire with full military benefits.

In more recent history Allen West has been accused of being too closely associated with a shady biker gang named the "Out laws Motorcycle Club". He has been photoed at rallies that the Out Laws were sponsoring. Emails were also obtained where it seems West is defending his association with the Out Laws.

Who is Allen West butting heads with now? Come January House Majority leader Eric Cantor of all people. Probably not the best way to make new friends in congress or maybe that West's point. West wrote a letter to Cantor complaining that in the entire month of January their is only 10 days of scheduled work. In the entire year only 123 days of congressional sessions. In the letter West asked Cantor how any progress could be made with all the large looming problems are country faces with only 10 days of Congressional sessions. "As we know, Congress needs to work to create jobs, reduce the deficit, strengthen our economy, limit the size of government and contend with a plethora of national security issues," West wrote in a statement to Cantor. "How are we to do that when, among other things, we start off being in session only ten days the entire month of January?" In response to that Eric Cantors spokesman Brad Dayspring said that more time in Washington does not necessarily mean more work will be accomplished.

I agree with Allen West here, I think are politicians should be setting a new tone in Washington. These are not ordinary times we are in and anything different and positive can help. Who do you agree with Eric Cantor or Allen West.

Huffington Post - Allen West sends letter to Eric Cantor

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